Save all of your labs and written work for your records. Record up to 50 points for completion. You are going to be creating a graph. Play the chemical mixture game. You will need at least dried beans or peas. Familiarize yourself with the formula and solving problems.

Check your answers with the video lab solutions under the video. Complete the problems on the rest of page 5. Day 79 Complete the Mole Practice problems on page 3. Score the lab out of 20 points, including neatness. Begin to familiarize yourself with the terms. Keep long hair pulled back. Watch the video and pause while completing the assignments.

Divide your total in half. Visit this website and read through what chemistry is all the way through what chemists do. Record number correct out of Be careful where you have equipment placed. Wear gloves, goggles and some sort of smock or apron in case of spills. Just be aware of this difference.

Take data during the lab. Study the rules for significant figures under the video. Remember acid and base neutralization homework mark rosengarten add or subtract electrons so that it is in a stable, ground state full valence level.


Chemistry with Lab

Remember the noble gases on the right of the periodic table are stable, that is, their valence energy levels are full. You are going to be creating a graph. Try the questions at the bottom. The answer key shows you how the answer was calculated, if you had any trouble.

It is a walkthrough of this concept. Read through the pages. Know how to determine alpha, beta, and gamma decay.

Can you solve the crime using what you have learned thus far? These are from the bottom of the page. Here are the answers for the video quiz. Refer to the video notes in the sidebar if needed and for the quiz answers at the end of the video. Check your answers to the video labs: Need to read about it?

Use the information to help you. Continue to review past units as you will pick up acid and base neutralization homework mark rosengarten on this material in the future.

This section will mention dates supposing the earth to be millions of years old. Record your score out of 6 total.


Day Complete the Stoichiometry tutorial. The crossword puzzle is 1 extra credit points for each correct puzzle answer. Lewis structures are different. Just be careful when recording your grades because some scoring has changed. Complete the page beginning at the blue box.

Watch the video and pause while completing the assignments. Complete the top definition section for 6 points total. Day 78 Complete the self-assessment, Part 1: If you are having a difficult time with this section, try working some of the problems again.

Chemistry with Lab – Easy Peasy All-in-One High School

Here are the answers to the video quiz. Know about Mendeleev and Moseley. Give yourself 10 points for your hard work today.