In these cases, candidates can be given back their completed and marked scripts. Maggiori informazioni in relazione al trattamento dei Dati Personali potranno essere richieste in qualsiasi momento al Titolare del Trattamento utilizzando le informazioni di contatto. Knowledge of specific examples other than those given below is not required. About this resource Info Created: Every year, three Controlled Assessments will be available; one for Unit 2 and two for Unit 3.

The table is called a periodic table because similar properties occur at regular intervals. However, where the plan is dangerous or unworkable from a scientific perspective this will be reflected in the marking. Candidates should be able to recognise carboxylic acids from their names or formulae, but do not need to know the names of individual carboxylic acids, other than methanoic acid, ethanoic acid and propanoic acid. They should be able to suggest appropriate technology for collecting data and explain why a particular technological method is the most appropriate. Start new discussion Reply. No further details of these processes are required. Candidates should use ICT whenever appropriate.

Candidates should be familiar with some examples of new materials but do not need to know the properties or names of specific new materials.

Instrumental methods are accurate, sensitive and rapid and are particularly useful when the amount of a aqa science homework sheet c3 4.2 is very small. Parents are separating – how to cope? Candidates are not required to know details of specific examples of recycling, but should understand the benefits of recycling in the general terms specified here.

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Examination questions may provide further information about specific processes for candidates to interpret or evaluate. A range of chemical tests can be used for the detection and identification of elements and compounds. Further details of the types of aqa science homework sheet c3 4.2 are not required. Atoms that lose electrons become positively charged ions.


Atoms of different elements have different numbers of protons. Writing statement of purpose Our statement of purpose writing. Alloys can be designed to have properties for specific uses.

Higher Tier candidates will also be expected to write and balance symbol equations for reactions specified throughout the unit. Made or making decisions about your future after school?

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Knowledge is limited to the names of the three major parts, and an awareness of the relative sizes of these features. There are advantages and disadvantages to their use as fuels.

Many plants produce useful oils that can be converted into consumer products including processed foods. All the atoms in these structures are linked to other atoms by strong covalent bonds and so they have very high melting points.

Everyday uses of exothermic reactions include self-heating cans eg for coffee and hand warmers.

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They hoe out data bouge and petit the data to coup pie charts. Subjects Qualifications Professional development Exams administration.

Knowledge of specific names of ingredients in proprietary products is not required. These compounds have high melting points and high boiling points because of the large amounts of energy needed to break the many strong bonds. Knowledge of specific examples other than those given below is not required. Sometimes, students forget the academic aspect of an argumentative essay aqa science homework sheet c3 4.2 write essays that are much too emotional for an academic audience. Knowledge is limited to a simple model of the structure of emulsifier molecules.

Compounds formed from metals and non-metals consist of ions. When a reversible reaction occurs in a closed system, equilibrium is reached when the reactions occur at exactly the same rate in each direction. Dates and timetables Entries Coursework, controlled assessment and non-exam assessment NEA Access arrangements Special consideration Exams guidance Exam papers and stationery Send scripts for marking Invoices and how to pay Find past papers and mark schemes What’s available when?


Pure copper, gold, iron and aluminium are too soft for many uses and so are mixed with small amounts of similar metals to make them harder for everyday use. All candidates should be able to: Candidates should be able to suggest methods to make a named soluble salt. Metals have many uses. When teachers aqa science homework sheet c3 4.2 marked the scripts, they may tell candidates their marks but they must not return the scripts.

This website works best with JavaScript switched on. Examples of exothermic reactions include combustion, many oxidation reactions and neutralisation. Knowledge of the methods of removing sulfur is not required. In this unit, candidates use a range of practical skills and knowledge in one investigation chosen from those supplied by AQA. No details of how the oxides of nitrogen are formed are required, other than the fact that they are formed at high temperatures.

May 15, Updated: Units, symbols and nomenclature Units, symbols and nomenclature used in examination aqa science homework sheet c3 4.2 will normally conform to the recommendations contained in the following: