To commence study in semester 1 – November 30 of the previous year. Minors are only listed on academic transcripts. You are currently viewing content as an international student. Supplemental Resources A Member of. Stream A Beginners 24 units consisting of:

Studies in Religion is about reflecting on and understanding religious traditions, questions and values, and the Studies in Religion major offers a critical, multi-disciplinary approach to a range of faiths and spiritual experiences. Graduates of the Philosophy typically work in a range of careers in areas including government, ethics, law, public policy, social science, education, arts and culture, and business. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia, the fourth most populous and largest Muslim majority country in the world. The Journalism and Mass Communication major will teach you about the key ideas in global journalism, mass communication and digital media. Course description This course will introduce students to the basic skills of feature film screenwriting.

Linguistics Extended Major 24 units consisting of: This program allows you to choose from over 40 study areas across the humanities, social sciences and languages, giving you the bachelor creative writing uq to study the subjects you love. These requirements include the total number of units you need to complete in order to graduate.

Peace and Conflict Studies Single Major 16 units consisting of: The Mathematics major in the Bachelor of Arts offers more than 20 different courses, so you can tailor your studies to suit your interests or career goals. The Structure of Words.

Creative Writing: Screenwriting (WRIT2120)

Studies in Transmission Between Cultures and Forms. Student organisations like Underground Productions, Queensland University Musical Society, and the many cultural clubs provide plenty of opportunities for you to network, socialise and build relationships outside of the classroom.

Language courses are available for beginning and intermediate students. bachelor creative writing uq

They also work in various advocacy and marketing roles, where they use their knowledge of Australian culture to promote Australia as a destination for investment, trade and innovation.

Applicants to the Doctor of Bachelor creative writing uq in Creative Writing preferably will hold a good bachelor degree, or a bachelor degree with honours, plus a substantial record of publication appropriate to the proposed project.

Likewise, where the creative work contains substantial scholarship and research such as in a biography, history, or research-based creative non-fictionthe requirements for the critical essay may be modified. Career outcomes Graduates of the Public Policy major have bachelor creative writing uq analytical abilities for successful policymaking and typically pursue bachelor creative writing uq careers within the public, private and community sectors.


You’ll also discover the infinitely different ways that men and women, from different times and places, have lived, thought, argued, felt and imagined.

Majors to complement the core practice rich majors comprise: If you want to develop specific skills in writing, creating content, or media production, you should consider studies in the Writing major, the Bachelor of Communication or the Bachelor of Journalism.

Search this site Search UQ. What can you expect studying French? Please click on the major s that are of interest to bachelor creative writing uq for more information. Spanish is the first language of more than million people worldwide, and the second language of millions more in Europe, the United States, Brazil, Asia and North Africa.

Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Writing

Graduates also work in a range of careers anywhere that places a premium on bachelor creative writing uq like critical analysis, preparing papers in line with the protocols and conventions of the discipline, and communication. Course list View the Course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Bachelor of Bachelor creative writing uq Arts.

Bachelor creative writing uq a student in the English major, you’ll study topics as varied as film and television, Shakespeare, digital media, and grammar. There are a number of requirements you must satisfy before a visa is granted. Career outcomes Graduates of the Film and Television Studies major typically work in a broad range of roles in areas like education, festivals and events, publicity, marketing, film culture organisations, and screen corporations and film distributors.

Stream C Advanced 16 units consisting of: Courses in this major cover language skills and offer knowledge about some of the major historical, cultural, social, literary and philosophical movements in the Francophone world. Practices, Cultures and Creative Communication.

Graduates of the History major typically work in careers that require researching, writing, and presentation skills — particularly with a wide breadth of historical knowledge. UQ for program information. Stream B Intermediate 24 units consisting of: Critical Analysis of Sporting Issues.

How do I find an agent who can help me with my application? Professional Pathways Humanity and Society Minor 8 units consisting of: The major places particular emphasis on cultural practices characterised by the ubiquity of digital media technologies in everyday life.


You’ll also have the option of studying topics such bachelor creative writing uq the geography of Australia, resource management, meteorology, climate change, and GIS.

PhD in creative writing – Graduate School – University of Queensland

Stream A Beginners bachelor creative writing uq units consisting of: It will prepare students for the many potential professional pathways that await them upon graduation, and for a successful career in the culturally, politically and digitally diverse communities.

Students are expected to be aware of the required prerequisites often expressed as Pre: Comparative Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity. We also have one of the largest programs in Australia — nearly 13, of our students are studying an arts major. The University of Queensland my. Stream A Beginners 16 units consisting of: Fees for International students When you enrol each semester, mySI-net will calculate your bachelor creative writing uq.

Graduates of the Classical Languages major typically find careers in government, publishing and editing, museums and cultural centres, archives and bachelor creative writing uq, media, education or academia. What you learn in this program will not only guide you through your first job but your whole career.

Change to Bachelor creative writing uq a domestic student. You’ll also learn about key issues in translation and interpreting ethics, and understand the essentials of intercultural communication. The courses in this major were chosen in consultation with the School of Education to meet the teaching prerequisites for education students who want to teach English or English extension in high schools. Watch now Career outcomes Graduates of the Spanish major develop competence in speaking, reading and writing Spanish.

As a student in the Music major you’ll develop knowledge about the many social and historical meanings of music. The University of Queensland. Why study the Bachelor of Creative Arts? Bachelor creative writing uq examiners have the option to recommend awarding a Master of Philosophy in Creative Writing in lieu of the Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Writing if the thesis does not meet the standard required for the PhD.