There is also a strong tradition in the areas of Spanish and Latin American literature and culture, which this major will explore. Economics determines much of today’s social and political landscape, and students trained in this field are exceptionally well-positioned to play a leading part in the future direction of business, government and society. While very different in many ways, her previous roles in Public Programs at the Ipswich Art Gallery and as Gallery Manager for Jan Murphy Gallery, also operated within the cultural sector and engaged audiences through visual arts. Throughout the program, students will develop skills such as intellectual agility, textual and digital literacy, creative and critical thinking, collaborative and communication techniques, all of which will make them competitive in the future job market. Career outcomes Graduates of the Journalism and Mass Communication major work in practically every industry, sector and field you can think of, from the social arts, business, government, media, law and social sciences to the technical engineering, information technology, sciences.

These requirements include the total number of units you need to complete in order to graduate. Creative Industries Second Major Options. You’ll learn about the images, identities and politics of Australian culture and the challenges of reconciliation, youth culture, globalisation, and race and refugee issues. All international applicants need to meet the minimum entry score for this program. Graduates of the Writing major have found work as professional journalists, teachers, editors, ghost-writers, publishers, science communicators, copywriters, playwrights, corporate communicators, public relations managers, travel writers, arts reviewers, bloggers, columnists, critics, feature writers, fiction writers, poets, publishing coordinators, screen writers, speech writers, and digital content developers. Electrical engineers usually work in one of six speciality areas: It helps you to understand music from diverse perspectives, including the scientific study of the human mind, brain and behaviour, emotion, learning and development, and social interaction, through to the everyday uses and therapeutic applications of music.

That’s about 35 per cent of all UQ students. View the equivalent qualifications for international students. Many of the novels, poems, plays and non-fictional works in this major rank among bachelor of arts creative writing uq greatest products created by bachelor of arts creative writing uq human mind. An introduction to studying at UQ as an undergraduate student, including information about our programs, entry requirements, how to apply, living costs, accommodation and much more.

The Indonesian major covers Indonesian history, politics, culture and society are offered through the Indonesian studies major. Graduates of the Music major typically pursue careers in areas including education, festivals and events, arts administration, publishing, media and writing, as well as roles in marketing, publicity and PR for various music-focused organisations.

The aim of anthropology is to address the way cultural traditions continue and change over time, and how we can understand and explain human beliefs and behaviour. You will explore Italian though new communication technologies – such as blogs, wikis and mobile phones as well as in face-to-face meetings with native speakers.


Studies in International Relations equip you with the necessary theoretical and practical tools to analyse and evaluate events and issues both domestically and internationally. It is calculated based on a standard full-time study load.

Career outcomes Graduates of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies major typically work in a broad range of roles with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, or in roles that require knowledge and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. The time and date of your interview cannot be changed except in exceptional circumstances.

Full definitions of majors and minors are available in the Policies and Procedures Library. Geographers are actively involved in addressing issues like climate change and bachelor of arts creative writing uq growth by studying natural and human environments and activities.

Bachelor of Arts – Future Students – University of Queensland

Many of our graduates also work in education, government, arts administration, arts policy, publicity, festivals and events, and marketing. You will develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills through the courses that transfer usefully to other domains and contexts.

Students take four courses from six that are regularly offered in poetry, short fiction, screenwriting, creative non-fiction, publishing, and researching fiction. Despite the diversity that exists in languages around the world, there are also many features that languages have in bachelor of arts creative writing uq. Digital streaming has also presented graduates with a range of opportunities in development, consumer insight, research, content acquisition, design, legal, PR, marketing, data and creative services.

Italian is available in a cross-institutional arrangement at Griffith University. Change to I’m a domestic student. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia, the fourth most populous and largest Muslim majority nation.

As a student in the Geography major, you’ll develop your understanding of the relationship between natural systems climate, landscape, biota and social systems human populations, economic activity, society and culture.

Statistics, operations research and financial mathematics are the areas of mathematics most often used in industry and there has been a particular upsurge in the number of mathematicians employed in banking, finance, insurance and risk management. UQ in your country Get in touch with bachelor of arts creative writing uq approved UQ agent near you.

In this major, you can study in the areas of global journalism, mass communication, digital media. You’ll also be taught how to engage with and address pressing local and global issues.

Graduates with a degree in any area of bachelor of arts creative writing uq are respected for their excellent quantitative and problem- solving abilities and gain a wide range of rewarding positions in bachelor of arts creative writing uq public and private sectors.

Graduates also work in a range of careers anywhere that places a premium on skills like critical analysis, preparing papers in line with the protocols and conventions of the discipline, and communication. The objective of the this major is to provide you with an understanding of the causes of political conflict and the possibilities of finding peaceful solutions to them. These may be offered by the University, the Australian Government, foreign governments, or private organisations.


Studies in Religion offers courses by professional and highly enthusiastic teachers in the areas of Western and Eastern religious traditions, spiritual practices and religious thought, in the psychology of religion, bachelor of arts creative writing uq new religious movements, and in the original languages of the sacred texts of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.

Find out more about financial aidincluding scholarships and financial aid programs. Chinese is spoken by one in every six people in the world today and is the most common language spoken in Australia after English.

This major is ideal for students studying a dual program, as it will enhance studies in law, science or languages. Graduates of the Criminology major typically find careers in policing, security and intelligence, corrective services, insurance, youth services, and in social policy and research. Courses span a huge period from the Bronze Age bachelor of arts creative writing uq Late Antiquity and focus on a variety of important individuals, ideas and achievements, e.

Many of our students study German alongside courses in business, education, tourism, politics, international relations, engineering, law, commerce, or various other fields.

It helps you to understand music from diverse perspectives, including the scientific study of the human mind, brain and behaviour, emotion, learning and development, and social interaction, through to the everyday uses and therapeutic applications of music.

You can also choose from courses about bachelor of arts creative writing uq policy, terrorism and insurgency, human rights, and foreign policies of the great powers.

For details refer to the Program Rules. The English major combines courses from English literature, media studies, and film and television studies, to give you deeper insight into the English-speaking world and English-language culture.

There’s a knack to producing writing worth reading, and that’s what this major is about. Psychology is a broad ranging discipline that includes the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes, and the systematic application of this knowledge in specific contexts such as mental health clinical psychologywork organisational psychologyeducation or sport. Whether you are aiming to be a creative or a corporate writer, this major will train you to produce compelling, career-enhancing writing in a variety of bachelor of arts creative writing uq and non-fiction genres.

QUT – Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts)

Courses also look at honorifics in Korean language and variations in South and North Korean expressions. The German-speaking countries lie at the heart of Europe, and Australia welcomes tens of thousands of tourists from those countries every year.

Minors are only listed on academic transcripts. Italian is Australia’s major language after English and the language of an important member state of the European Union.