You can cater to the domestic and overseas market. I am planning to start up garments business, have read many things on this business but dont have any sort of experience or knowledge in this field. The major question is how should i search the market,how should i know whats the demand of people. When it comes to financing, you can use the business plan for applying for business loans. I also want o start distributing clothes with my own btrand name. What would be the setup cost. Sir, I am planning to open a retails outlet in Bangalore, I am planning to open it in a good location.

When selling garments, your major competitors would be online stores, local retail, and other stores that sell clothing. Garment business has become a very profitable business in India. And i want to target the upper middle class customers in india with affordable prices for unique and quality wear… To start up i have investment of 10 lakhs. How to use 4 Point System in Fabric Inspection? India’s which places I can get the same. You need to be aware that the industry is very competitive and with so many specialties to choose from, it can be daunting to make the right choice. Plz help me out with the procedures and best wholesalers in and around chennai.

Dear sir, I am located in navi mumbai. About Us Privacy Site Map. First do the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Political, Cultural, Economical, Technical analysis of this business and then take the major step. As far as business plan for readymade garments and capital is concerned, if you have proper plan then bank will also help you to carry out business. I have 2 years experience.

I business plan for readymade garments Starting to end point information purchase ability, machineries, production methods, process flow, packing standards local and exporthow to communicate the customers, marketing approaches.


I am very happy for that. I know it is beginning but please tell the ideas on my above email id. Make detailed process flow of an order. Your marketing style should be sophisticated. Hi Baljit, In order to expand your business all over India. The article is the general idea. I want to know the wholesale market at very low cost but exclusive design.

Business Plan for Garment Manufacturing Start-ups | Online Clothing Study

I found your above article very useful and interesting. Hi All, My Greeting to You, I am planing to start New small scale garments industry in Bangalore city Karnataka state, So I am looking order from many garment industries in locally and nationally. Now I want to start manufacturing but lacking in finance. India’s which places I can get the same. First you should target your home market means your nearby wholesalers, retailers then you should try to business plan for readymade garments over your state and customer satisfaction should be your only mission.

If you plan to start your garment business by becoming one of these customers, it does make lot of sense. Kindly please suggest me. Hello everyone, I am fashion business plan for readymade garments n in this line since many years. Hi Sir, I am looking business plan for readymade garments start Jeans outlet and I am looking for Bank loan to start this business loan.

You can study your competitor in terms of marketing, price, costs, supplies, and distribution methods. We provide direct cloths from factory to wholesaler, Branded Or Non Branded. I am a housewife wishing to get into the world of garments. If your business will be a big, then you need more people and vice-versa. So that i can help you in Marketing your product. What technology driven business one can start up in India?


It is not necessary that your manufacturing unit should be situated in the City. How can bargain to buy the garment from dealer 6.

Business Plan for Garment Manufacturing Start-ups

I have my two own shops in middle of town. How can one start a leather business in India?

As you come across the field, you get the experience. Thanks for your suggestion. And We feel happy to guide them personally. Right brand name gets you through more than one-fourth work required for management of a successful brand. My plans are to get different varieties of clothes cotton, silk, polyester, etc.

Once you are fine with the above mentioned points, you have to start promoting your business by giving advertisements etc. My place is Mangalore, Karnataka.

It must have a long life. I have 25 years experience in Garment export firm. Please take this thing easily and your answer is here. Now plan for the requirement of manpower for the business.

Djay, 20 laks 40, USD are enough for the busines you are taking about. Nilesh, I can not describe the entire process for this business. I like to start business with a canadian buyer at Dhaka.