I was really considering Thesis I’m currently a Headway user looking to try something else , but seeing that there’s no documentation or tutorials yet, I can’t do it. Difficulty Level – Beginner. They should have built on the strengths of the old framework. Here’s what I learned how to do. First thing is that, the whole layout is too confusing to me and secondly their is almost no tutorial on thesis 2. Even though this is the first impression of 2.

Patience I say, the docs are coming too, people demanded its release, so it was released, its new, its different, its brilliant, devs are working on it hard to produce tonnes of content in terms of tutorials, boxes skins ect. Style with ease and cool plugins. Two Skins included Thesis 2. But, I am starting to see the sun come up over the mountain and see some value. I was very critical about the whole fuzz around 2. Filed Under Topics – Menu , Thesis 2.

But, I know you’ve already used them, so I will simply delete them, how?

How Thesis 2.0.1 Slays the 3 Dragons of Web Design

Follow DIYthemes on Twitter for the latest tips and info on building truly awesome websites. Basically that page has all the basic that will help you get started with the theme, so make byobwebsite thesis 2.0 to go through it to the end.

But then, my reaction was, OMG, Why? Thesis 2 seems rushed out the door, with little polish. Join Today For Free! This is where you can find video tutorials for the Thesis 2 Theme. Give it a few weeks and there will be loads of stuff out there for you to choose. I am testing it on a secondary site of mine; I have to say it’s not intuitive but let’s see how we get on as we get our heads around it in the coming weeks and months.

Never did like Thesis, but Byobwebsite thesis 2.0 thought Byobwebsite thesis 2.0 would give them another go with this new update.

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Username or Email Address. I am just trying to learn thesis 2. Actully the plugin was removed totally from DiyThemes.

We’re expecting soon you thesisawosome skins will be available for version 2. Username or Email Address. If you have a current Thesis 1. I byobwebsite thesis 2.0 have to wait for some helpful documentation before I can do much with the program but I feel optimistic that it may just be what I byobwebsite thesis 2.0 looking for!

When it came to website building and the proper structure and creation of my blog, I struggled. Bryan, I see that you got the idea eariler than many people that I know.

I’m a Thesis fan, except for the SEO part. Using a plugin like Delete Custom Fields. Rick and the other BYOBWebsit e members are very quick and helpful in responding to any questions or problems you may have. Have you got a chance to byobwebsite thesis 2.0 it out? However, the upgrade is not imposible, it’s a matter of time and some work, all depends on your old customization, and whither you want to move it to 2.

It doesn’t allow Yoast to control the titles byobwebsite thesis 2.0 other settings once its installed, unlike a few other frameworks which gracefully give up their built in SEO settings Woothemes and Genesis are two of them. Reagarding the stuff you mentioned What would you recommend for the complete Internet idiot for a solid framework? So, I hope that my Thesis 2. I modified the css a little though and remove the stylesheet from the contructor, moving it to a package to maintain the single css for thesis.

My niche, byobwebsite thesis 2.0 plan, the equipment and resources. I will be updating the review latter on byobwebsite thesis 2.0 something new comes up.

What I’m actually byobwebsite thesis 2.0 is what code to edit or remove in header. No means to harm anyone, i just want to share my feeling, i just get frustrated from this theme. Did they add some feature in the 2.


Thesis New Features and Download

Next point, it is also very easy to order styles and scripts, so in my case my style sheet is at the very byobwebsite thesis 2.0, because according to studies this helps render the page quicker, and my own testing confirms this, You could create a box that targets the head for say adding Iphone meta information, at the end of the day its about choice, I had the choice to move my css to the top, which I always do, but now it takes 2 seconds not 5 minutes or more digging through my templates or creating functions to move it around.

As it turns out, Serge has given us some control over what this looks like and how it’s byobwebsite thesis 2.0. What I could not figure out Hi Rex, I feel you, but I suggest you give it a second thought! If byobwebsite thesis 2.0 are wanting to build a profession al grade business website, you couldn’t find a better teacher that Rick at BYOB!!! Working my byobwebsite thesis 2.0 on my new skin for Thesis 2. But, what about multi-authors blogs?

That’s whole lot more than a review, you have covered everything in detail, since it has debuted just now I am pretty confident that Thesis will take WP to next level like it made earlier when it was debuted for the first time. For example keep developing the old version of the skins for Thesis byobwebsite thesis 2.0.