Have a photo of this plane? An extra surcharge must be paid to reserve this seat. I recommend to consider this seat “yellow” as crew bags are in the cuboard in front of this seat and one is regularly disturbed by crew taking things out our back which is enormously disturbing during a night flight where one tries to sleep. User Reviews Total. London to Hong Kong on: Great service and during the sleeping times the crew left out water and snacks which were great for the kids.

Hopefully for me, the flight was not full, I could switch to another seat. There’s also quite a lot of through traffic here from business class by the flight attendants which means you get bumped into. Hong Kong to San Francisco on: This is the last row of the smaller, rear business class section. Angle Lie Flat Business Rows Follow us on Twitter Friend us on Facebook.

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Due to the way the seats are angled, both D and K seats exit into the same aisle, while A seats have their own aisle. While it isn’t a big deal not having a window, there is strong draft coming from the exit door seams constantly throughout the flight and makes a whiny sound.

Food was good,entertainment was nice as well. So 60H is a good choice for those under 15 who always feel hungry on long journeys, like the hour flight to London. Sign up for our free newsletter and get the latest news, insights, and money-saving tips. My cathay pacific business class seating plan complaint would be that the stewardess’s did not close the curtain between PE and Economy, and as a result, we had to wait to use the one bathroom we had in PE.


Do you know this plane? Row 12 is too close to the lavs, but 12A would be a better bet cathay pacific business class seating plan Row 11 is taken, as there is a curtain between you and the lav.

The cabin service was very good as we have experienced previously.

Great leg room as long as no one trips over your feet. The seat and flight were fine – and much better than my United seat and flight from LAX to Beijing 3 weeks earlier. The plastic frame of the window dishes in at a perfect angle to the seat cathay pacific business class seating plan you to put your pillow there and sleep.

In Premium Economy class, toilet is at the front and baby bassinet seat is at row This is a standard seat and no extra fee has to be paid for. My seat was 40C In the Economy Class, aisle seats are also suitable for passengers with reduced mobility, except for the front rows.

These business class seats lie fully flat and are cathay pacific business class seating plan comfortable.

They usually give a choice of a more local Chinese dish like congee, and the other an americanized version of something like orange chicken. They introduced a new amenity kit as the last one from a few months ago had crazy long strings to tie it. Extra-legroom seats are at rows 40, 43 and Search, compare, and save on cathay pacific business class seating plan next car rental. B Regional 0.

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In 32G, the legroom is technically the same, but is actually enhanced because there’s room under the seat to extend one’s legs comfortably without obstruction. Audio books are also available. These seats also have less legroom than the average Premium Economy Seat.


Also, thanks to the extra space in front, this seat has Business Class type electric legrest and is 20″ wide. There was a reasonable selection of cold Not only that but cathay pacific business class seating plan staff was much more willing to grab drinks, food, and such sitting here since you are close to the galley.

Boeing features and seating plan.

The service and meals are exceptional, and the flat bed is extremely comfortable. I have read comments that the mini Business Class cabin in rows are mixed reviews. I slept almost 10 hours!

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Boeing Boeing See other sections. If you are a woman, please note you do NOT get to keep your pocketbook or anything on your lap during take off or landing.

Visit the Cathay Pacific Online Shop and try our home delivery service. Luckily found 24G open which provided a nice open view of most of the section. Same contents but a bit similar to the cathay pacific business class seating plan Agnes kits.

Great leg room, I am 6 ft 1 and still plenty room. I have been on Finnair and Singapore Airlines’ A and they were so comfortable that I never want to be on the ever again.