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Image of page LinkedIn. Instead they turn to the weakest figure in their lives and mock him by referring to him as a woman.

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Op de activiteitenagenda van Schiermonnikoog vindt u een compleet overzicht van alle evenementen en activiteiten die op het eiland plaatsvinden.

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The gender bias in Virginia Hamilton”s Cousins is very obvious and straightforward in the form of Patty Ann, who is described many times the way we would talk about a porcelain doll.


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Zowel de rust van bijvoorbeeld strand en duinen als de gezellige drukte van het centrum van het dorp bevinden zich op loopafstand. Their instincts and reactions are a wonderful window into how the authors perceive these “people” would interact with their surroundings and often are either rewarded or punished by the author through consequences in the plot for their responses.