The voltage source inverter VSI could convert DC voltage into AC sinusoidal voltage before injection of current back to the power system is done via injection transformer. Based on the outcome and simulation that has been completed, it can prove and verify that D-STATCOM device can be capable to overcome the voltage sags problem. For continuous and effective compensation of power quality issues in a grid connected solar photovoltaic distribution system, the solar inverters are designed to operate as a DSTATCOM thus by increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of the system. DVRs are now a developed option in industry to decrease the impact of voltage sags to sensitive loads. This kind of distributed generation provides power at a location close to the residential or commercial consumers with low transmission and distribution costs. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Power Quality and voltage sag indices in Electrical Power Systems, Voltage swells can originate internally in building wiring or externally on power lines. Both the shunt and series VSCs are connected to a common dc-link. It is clarified in terms of duration and retained voltage, normally been described by using nominal rms voltage remaining at the lowest point when sag occurs. The whole system is a single, integrated and dynamic system. The responsiveness of system towards load when expose to voltage sag might determine the problems impact. In contrast come to nowadays, contractors and engineers always emphasize on installing specialized equipment to prevent the happening of unwanted occurrence due to the high sensitivity equipment and complicated process as well as the expensive repairing cost.

To charged the DC capacitor, it dstatcom thesis be used either a battery source or it could be recharged by the converter itself [30].

In other words, voltage sag is also defined dstatcom thesis the full energy needed is unable delivered to the load, dstatcom thesis might bring serious effect depends by the load type [16]. To overcome this, evolutionary algorithms have been adopted and an algorithm-specific control parameter independent optimization tool JAYA is proposed. It contains an injection transformer, a voltage source converter VSC and a PWM controller with specific control scheme in order to perform its main function efficient and effectively.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our final year project supervisor, Eng Said Osman Mohamed for encouragement, guidance, dstatcom thesis and give US a lot of motivation in order to complete this project.

Incandescent system dstatcom thesis simply or continuously light brighter or dimmer and make it produce annoying visual effect besides overall lifespan might be affected.

The experiment system consists of a kV transmission system, feeding into the primary side of a 3-winding transformer. Error signal can be defined as dissimilarities between the output and desired set end value.

Before solid-state electronics are well developed, power quality was not studied dstatcom thesis the dstatcom thesis on most loads connected to electrical distribution systems is ignorable. On the other hand, the distribution systems are confronting serious power quality issues because of various nonlinear loads and impromptu expansion.


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We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Since then, DVRs have been applied to defend critical loads in utilities, semiconductor and In short, the causes of voltage sags could be summarize by following [17].

Due to the voltage drop across these passive dstatcom thesis a high amount of voltage is maintained across the dc-link of the solar inverter so that the power can flow from PV source to grid and an effective compensation can be achieved. In order to further understand the sophisticated power quality problems, the recordings of all disturbances are now done by installing the on-line power quality monitoring system. It is a common operation of series and shunt active conditioner.

It shows that the custom power dstatcom thesis successfully compensate the voltage sag. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the dstatcom thesis of dstatcom thesis on this website.

The most common causes of over currents leading to dstatcom thesis sags are motor starting, transformer energizing dstatcom thesis faults [9].

There are dstatcom thesis concerns relating to the subject of equipment sensitivity and the effect of power quality occurrences on perceptive equipment. The main function of all of dstatcom thesis types is to mitigate high- frequency current switching harmonics. The result found from the simulation was compared with theoretical and validate it by calculation if needed. Dstatcom thesis responsiveness of system towards load when expose to voltage sag might determine the problems impact.

The DVR can generate or absorb independently controllable real and reactive power at the load side. Visibility Others dstatcom thesis see my Clipboard. These filters can be placed either in the high voltage side load side as shown in figure 2. If insufficient energy is passing into the power supply which is caused by voltage sag, the DC voltage received by the IC decrease resulting to the shutting down, locking down or data garbling of device to occur.

As a result, the resulting changes of voltage will also similar to the drastically increasing voltage in short circuits.

Power quality is one of the most important aspect concerned by utility and residential customer, especially when it becomes a very sensitive issue for industrial consumer [1]. The use of DVR in power quality applications is rising. One of the natural phenomena that contribute to this observation is lightning. The sensitivity of dstatcom thesis equipment are increasing and at the same time companies become much stricter to the loss of production time caused by their decreasing in profit margins besides competitive ability [3].

Meanwhile, starting a large motor dstatcom thesis also lead to the happening of three phase voltage sag in a electrical power system [16]. On the other hand, motors are vastly tolerant to voltage sags besides dstatcom thesis Swells.


Enhancement of power quality in distribution system by using D-STATCOM

Voltage can rise above normal level for several cycles to seconds. It is not hard to understand how an engineer faced with a difficult harmonics problem can dstatcom thesis to Fig: This thesis describes three time-domain schemes viz. In other words, the DVR is made of a solid state DC to AC switching power converter that injects dstatcom thesis set of three phase AC output voltages in series and synchronism with the distribution and transmission line voltages [19].

Even through dstatcom thesis of electricity is getting complex and sophisticated day by day, there is no end for hunt of a regulated voltage profile, in dstatcom thesis stages or methods improvement was done by conventional devices dstatcom thesis as synchronous condensers, tap changing dstatcom thesis, capacitor placement etc, before the development of a STATCOM ways to improve power quality is using shunt capacitors to improve power factor, shunt capacitors are used in rating from 15 KVAR to KVAR.

Slope xs Vref Fig: Third It is highly recommended to study the voltage sags problem when the fault happen on the transmission line Fourth For the future, it is better to make the comparison between two FACTS device.

Scope of dstatcom thesis project mention about the characteristic of the distribution system tested and the type of fault applied in this project. Such a design may not yield satisfactory results under changing operating conditions due to the complex, nonlinear and time-varying nature of power system networks. Eventually, if the simulation was successful at that time the analysis was started and after that the report writing should be done.

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The DVR needs a source for this energy. The most affected due to these problems is industrial customers who use a lot of sensitive equipment. Secondly, it may also originated by the faults on other branches of the supply dstatcom thesis. Power Quality Guidebook, Although the scheme cannot compensate percent of voltage during sag, dstatcom thesis is an acceptable because the output voltage after compensation still in range of the nominal value.

DVR has variety applications in transmission and distribution systems. In order to recover this problem in supply systems, protective devices are installed to isolate dstatcom thesis short circuit from the source. In contrast come to nowadays, contractors and engineers always emphasize on installing specialized equipment to prevent the happening of unwanted occurrence due to the high dstatcom thesis equipment and complicated process as well as the expensive repairing cost.

Within this definition there are three types of interruptions which are characterized by their duration.