Knowing the car now slots together, I got on with the gluing and screwing the car together. Furthermore, numerous case studies can show examples of how a successful public agency administrator can achieve goals through dedication and commitment. I learnt that it was going to take longer than I had expected for me to design the car. The ends of the handlebar could be used for other options. Below is the design brief: Lincoln Electric Company Essay The cross axle were designed to be welded on a tricycle.

This is a simple, straight-forward way of doing the steering. Lincoln Electric Company Essay A 6mm hole should be drilled through the base of the seat to allow height measurement. Then I could bolt the whole component to the chassis. Firstly the heat that the motor is emitting can be direct into the batteries making them perform better. I chopped them off with an angle grinder with supervision. Raptor Fusion, the Penair Car, uses side sticks in order to reduce the height of the car.

Student Teacher Writer Other. They would be attached to the edge of the handlebar to the kingpost rotatable mounts for the wheel. All of the changes and development that I have done are from slide 27 to This method is very easy to do and allows a large degree of turning. I chose this car because it was the most practical and most developed out of my three ideas. electric cars gcse coursework

This allows the school to use the Greenpower car as electric cars gcse coursework of the curriculum. Vehicles must be able to have these items exposed during scrutineering. It also had to be reasonably competitive at the national final, achieving a top 15 place.

This current setup can do a 10 metre turning circle which is more manoeuvrable than a road car. That would be linked with two track rods, one for each electric cars gcse coursework. The top will be attaching itself to all of the top edges and will have a cut out for the driver to get in and out.

But this means that the driver must get out before changing the batteries which means slower pit stop.


The car need to be developed a lot more. I wanted it to be shallower, thinner in electric cars gcse coursework to have less frontal area and as you can see in the pictures that it is. Then they slide it back in. Drivers in low reclined seating positions with a raking angle of less than 45 degrees if the seat has a flat base, or 30 electric cars gcse coursework with a front angle of 15 degrees will require a five or six point safety harness.

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Using the band saw with supervision, I cut 6 pieces of 25mm square that are 2. The parts that are being cut out on the right are the 2 middle sections, bulkhead and 1 side piece. The picture on the right shows the jagged teeth on the bottom of seat.

As described by Grey and Mitev electric cars gcse coursework in Wilson,p. Also the car needs some wood to restrict it from flexing lengthwise. Steering is something that has to be considered with the shape of the body. Plywood needs to be a minimum of 3mm thick. This can be replicated along the edge to form a structure.

A more suitable test would be have the whole car done, give it to the students and they drive it around and they tell me their feedbacks. Can be light Disadvantages: Aluminium or steel roll bars are to be used and must be strong enough and of sufficient dimensions to perform satisfactorily. Ford Motor Company The Ford Motor Company inspired a manufacturing revolution with its mass production assembly lines in the early 20th century.

Greenpower Regulations 1 Batteries T2. Electric cars gcse coursework Cars – In this case study I will be discussing advantages and disadvantages of electric cars. Popular Questions Thesis statement and compare contrast essay asked by Admin Purchase seedy genericos tabs no prescription asked by Anonymous Gender stereotypes persuasive essay asked by Admin What is a good thesis statement against euthanasia asked by Anonymous Which of the following would best work as the title of an explanatory essay?

This can be done by mounting the motor on an aluminium sheet which would electric cars gcse coursework over the wall that surrounds the batteries and into the box. Although aerodynamics is important, keeping the weight low is worth doing. No search term specified. The process was fairly quick, about 1 hour to produce 20 or more pieces.


electric cars gcse coursework

Are Electric Cars better for the Environment?

This brace should attach to the chassis of the vehicle at one end, to not more than mm from the top of the roll bar at the other, and must be capable of taking forward and rearward loadings. This is shown in the top picture on the right.

The paper will also include financial characteristics and a competition analysis of the Ford Motor Company. Unfortunately this car is very wide and high off the ground electric cars gcse coursework immediately the car has electric cars gcse coursework big disadvantage. Tyres must be pneumatic.

This means that the company has a large global presence and many employees, so its culture affects thousands of its workers. The body shape is crucial in the performance of the car, so the body needs to be long, thin and low in order for the car to cut through the electric cars gcse coursework efficiently.

Final Exam S2 Unified Science. What materials would you use to make the real thing? Steering systems must have minimal play in joints. The shoulder harnesses will be bolted from the battery box and the rest will be bolted to the floor of the car.

This router uses a vacuum pump to suck the pieces to the base and secure them. This car has more support for a aerodynamic body. If we put the electric cars gcse coursework at the front of the car, it would make the handling horrible.