The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Antonio’s remarkably philanthropic gesture clearly denotes the love he has for the reckless Bassanio. Popular Questions Summary of Merchant of Venice in words. The bond conditions are harsh and require that Antonio should sacrifice a pound of his flesh to Shylock if he should forfeit. Related Questions How does the relationship between Bassanio and Antonio differ from the relationship between The fact that Bassanio is so distressed about Antonio’s misfortune is pertinent evidence that he cares much for his older friend. He, however, does urge him to seek a loan from a moneylender in Venice, a task he will also undertake.

Shylock has Antonio brought before court. You’ve been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds Read the study guide: She says that the contract allows Shylock only to remove the flesh , not the “blood”, of Antonio. Thank you for your feedback!

What is the relationship between Antonio and Bassanio?

Her father left a will essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio each of her suitors must choose correctly from one of three caskets — one each of gold, silver and lead.

He says in Act 5, scene 1: Bassanio comes out as a person who doesn’t leave the situation when he sees that things could get messy. At Venice, Antonio’s ships are reported lost at sea so the merchant cannot repay the bond.

What is essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio real meaning of friendship? You’ve been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds Defeated, Shylock concedes to accepting Bassanio’s offer of money for the defaulted bond, first his offer to pay “the bond thrice”, which Portia rebuffs, telling him to take his bond, and then merely the principal, which Portia also prevents him from doing on the ground that he has already refused it “in the open court”.

He finally agrees to lend the sum to Bassanio without interest upon one condition: The Duke, wishing to save Antonio but unable to nullify a contract, refers the case to a visitor. Further proof of the strong bond between the two men is found in Bassanio’s desperate attempts to have Shylock withdraw his claim for a pound of Antonio’s flesh.


She took a substantial amount of Shylock’s wealth with her, as well as a turquoise ring which Shylock had been given by his late wife, Leah. His acts show he keeps friendship first.

This love shows the pureness of their heart and also that unconditional love does exist. Bassanio loves Antonio more than his wife, which is why he runs off to Antonio’s trial immediately after his essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio and gives away Portia’s ring. They are not only just friends, but are confidantes as well.

Why does Antonio insist that Bassanio give up Portia’s ring? The last suitor is Bassanio, whom Portia essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio to succeed, having met him before. Antonio parts with his gloves without a second thought, but Bassanio gives the ring only after much persuasion from Antonio, as earlier in the play he promised his wife never to lose, sell or give it. At Belmont, Portia and Nerissa taunt and pretend to accuse their husbands before revealing they were really the lawyer and his clerk in disguise.

Bassanio approaches his friend Antonioa wealthy merchant of Venice who has previously and repeatedly bailed him out.

Bassanio and Gratiano essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio for Venicewith money from Portia, to save Antonio’s life by offering the money to Shylock. As he reads the letter concerning this issue, Portia sees him grow deathly pale and expresses her concern in Act 3, scene 2: Antonio loves Bassanio enough to give his life for him—indeed it seems that Bassanio’s pursuit of a wife is the cause of Antonio’s deep melancholy, which may suggest that his affection for his friend is romantic in nature.

In the earlier case, Bassanio needs money and Antonio helps him.

Bassanio warns his companion to exercise self-control, and the to leave for Belmont. I think this is a kid getting his home work done by people here on Quora.

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At this juncture, though, he is unable to help his desperate companion since he has no ready cash available. Antonio is the merchant who is very generous, particularly with his good friends. Meanwhile, in Belmont, Portia is awash with suitors.


Thus, if Shylock were to shed any drop of Antonio’s blood, his “lands and goods” would be forfeited under Venetian laws. The agreement is for three thousand ducats to be paid in three months.

Antonio is such a loyal friend to Bassanio that he agrees to borrow money from Shylock with the stipulation that Shylock can exact a pound of flesh from Antonio if he does not repay the loan within the agreed-upon time frame.

Read more … Discuss the relationship between Antonio and Bassanio. Having squandered essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio estate, he needs 3, ducats to subsidise his expenditures as a suitor.

However, Shylock adamantly refuses any compensations and insists on the pound of flesh.

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Learn More at joinhoney. At Belmont, Bassanio receives a letter telling him that Antonio has been unable to repay the loan from Shylock. To you, Antonio, I owe the most, in money and in love, And from your love I have a warranty To unburden all my plots and purposes How to get clear of all the debts I owe.

Also notable essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio Portia ‘s speech about ” the quality of mercy “. Henceas we saw that antonio and bassanio are less friendsand brother to each other. I dare be bound again, My soul upon the forfeit, that your lord Will never more break faith advisedly.

Shylock refuses Bassanio’s offer of 6, ducats, twice the amount of the loan. In the end, though, Antonio is released because of Portia’s intelligent intervention, and Shylock is severely sanctioned.

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