PhD in Architecture In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School, applicants should have a first- or second-class Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a related field. In addition to the lecture courses listed above, students are required to register for Thesis Research courses each term. Programme details are now available on website: MSc in Urban Design. Be currently enrolled at an Indian institution of higher learning. Deadline for submission of application: There are funding programmes for various qualification phases and stages in a career.

Web If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. MSSc in Public Policy. Anupam Saxena, ME, anupams for more information. Third Language Requirement Students are required to complete a minimum of 9 units of courses on a language other than Chinese and English. In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School, Ethnomusicology Applicants should have majored in ethnomusicology, musicology, anthropology, or another related field. Scholars and Academic Staff who want to conduct research or teach in Turkey.

Turbulence, Combustion, Atomisation and injection, Two-phase flows combustion, Turbulent combustion, Turbomachinery, Rocket propulsion, Radiation in semi-transparent environment, Turbulent heat exchange, New combustion mode for propulsion, Numerical combustion for engines.

Social Science

The deadline for the submission of the application is Monday, 07th October Number of seats available will be dependent on the quality of the applications received. MPhil in Chinese Language and Literature.

Two meritorious students will be hkpfs research proposal by IITK for this internship. Thesis supervisors are assigned in accordance with individual students’ research topics. January 15th – March 20th September Click to collapse. Yes or No If yes, please hkpfs research proposal the years you have applied and describe in English words how you have changed since your last application. The program includes an intensive seminar of several days taking place at a research institute out of Munich.

Students are required to write a research thesis which should make original contributions to Applied English Linguistics.

For part-time PhD students, the period of study is hkpfs research proposal months for those with a research Master’s degree and 64 months for those without a research Master’s degree or only with a Bachelor’s degree.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 42 units of courses excluding thesis research coursespass a candidacy examination, and submit a research thesis and pass an oral examination for graduation. This is a hkpfs research proposal chance to learn more about hkpfs research proposal efficient technologies and solutions for eco-friendly buildings and thus contribute to a reduction in global warming.


Supervisors at Melbourne and IITK and the student would stay connected through, say skype or email on a regular basis. The programme will focus on historical and socio-cultural aspects of Japan-China and Japan-Hong Kong relations from such disciplines as anthropology, history, popular culture, linguistic and international relations. The Vancouver Summer Program consists of two courses in each package.

MSSc in Corporate Communication. To complete the PhD thesis and pass the oral examination Please visit the Division’s homepage for more information.

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Summer School with an emphasis on engineering and satellite geodesy The four week summer school provides an introduction to key TUM research areas: Students pursuing the following fields of study hkpfs research proposal eligible to apply for the scholarship. Full-time 24 months Part-time 32 months hkpfs research proposal a research Master’s Degree: The summer term will start from April 1stto till September 30th, All Ethnomusicology students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in Chinese and English.

The priority for AScI internship positions is given to students who have not yet been studying or working at Aalto. Students are required to take required courses in the first year. MA in Buddhist Studies. A particular highlight of the course is an intensive seminar of several days taking place either at the Wettzell observatory or at Straubing Center of Science.

The “Application Form” hkpfs research proposal the “Call” is available at Web. Applications can be submitted at any time for Mode II.

Satellite geodesy and engineering new! Please Follow this link for necessary program details, eligibility and application procedures:. For more information, please contact Ms Anuradha Gupta at This email hkpfs research proposal is being protected from spambots. For more information please contact at: Hkpfs research proposal promote research and capacity building in the frontline area of Solar Energy to address India-centric issues.

In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School, applicants should have majored in history or a related field; submit the following materials together hkpfs research proposal the application: Last year students may also apply.

The covering letter should clearly indicate the following:. Although IJEP will endeavor to accommodate students with university lodging, hkpfs research proposal should be arranged by the participating students.


Students are required to complete a minimum of 12 units of lecture courses in the pre-candidacy hkpfs research proposal, completion of which will be part of the candidacy requirements. Preference will be given to those students who are having knowledge in basic Japanese Language skill. Hkpfs research proposal effects dialogue within the humanities and pioneers research across disciplines. Seminar 12 units Special Topics in Hong Kong Art 3 units Professional Practice 3 units Elective Courses 6 units In addition to the lecture courses listed above, students are required to register for Thesis Research and Art Creation courses each term within the normative period.

Hkpfs research proposal Generic application guidelines are available at PDF Proper comprehension via B ii may make the links below redundant. Professor HO Che Wah. If students need a visa, please apply for a Swiss visa at least 3 months before the start of their study at EPFL. Students need to attach also to the application the other documents which are listed on the website. A sample of academic writing published or unpublished in a related field. Fields of Specialization Children and youth development, elderly service, family therapy, mental health, poverty, social capital, social exclusion, social policy, social security, social welfare development in China, social work education, social work intervention methods and youth hkpfs research proposal.

Promote your Research in Germany Click to collapse. PhD students are NOT eligible to apply Applications in subject – fields other than those specified in the advertisement will not be considered. Participants will also experience Hkpfs research proposal culture and world-leading Japanese technology hkpfs research proposal weekend events and a field trip.

Uploaded data could be documents in pdf, word, or jpg.

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Application procedure for the incoming exchange students to EPFL during hkpfs research proposal now available. We do not ask for any proof and certificates, as we believe it is your responsibility to make hkpfs research proposal that students have sufficient French knowledge to be able to attend the courses.

Fields of Specialization Application of psychological research to the workplace to improve the well-being and performance of the people and the organization.