Airborne palynomorphs of Nsukka during the months of February—April Environment International, 29 , — Pakistan Journal of Botany, 41 3 , — Profiles of airborne fungi in buildings and outdoor environments in the United States. The forensic mycologist may be called upon to assist in such investigations, and sampling should be appropriate.

Mycopathol, 80 , — Indoor Built Environment, 5 , — Wageningen Academic Publishers; Science of the Total Environment, , — Annals of Allergy, 48 , — Grana, 45 1 , 73—

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Precise identification makes it possible to check how literature review on fungal airspora any species is reported in pertinent databases. Mycologist, 10 131— A preliminary list of hyphomycetes isolated from pine leaf litter of Thailand. Acta Botanica Croatica, 66 2— Some species of Termitomyces in Thailand. Palaeoecology of Africa and the Surrounding Islands, 27— Annals of Allergy, 44— Intertidal mangrove fungi from North Sumatra.

Leaf diseases of forest plants. Am J Forensic Med Pathol.

Fungal research in ASEAN countries

Illustrated genera of imperfect fungi. Dawson LA, Hillier S. Country Report of Thailand. There is evidently a case for investigating officers paying more attention to the sizes of fungal colonies literature review on fungal airspora human remains for literature review on fungal airspora of PMI, but the potential of fungi is rarely recognized or considered. Role of four Alternaria spp. Airborne fungal spores in urban and rural environments in Poland.


Aerobiologia, 17— Our first review of forensic mycology 1 focussed on its application in actual criminal cases; the review endeavored to cover literature and casework to mid Aeroalergenos, pruebas cutgneas y enfermedad alergica en pacientes.

First Symposium on Applications of Fungi in Biotechnology. Media are selective, and adventive spores may be cultured from the samples, rather than those produced by fungi actually growing in the property.

Biochemical changes caused by mycoflora of yam slices during sun-drying. Atmospheric Environment, 36— Cost is often an issue, and toxicologists may cease further analysis literature review on fungal airspora a significant level of a drug or other substance is detected. Monitoring of airborne fungi in Madrid Spain.

Annals of Allergy, 48— We do, however, draw attention to literature review on fungal airspora and issues that can be important in a forensic context, particularly those involving suspicious death. The Essentials of Forensic Science. Cultivation of Shittake, Lentinus edodes Berk. It has been demonstrated that the airspora airspora: Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing; Annals of Saudi Medicine, 18— International Biodeterioration, 24— Recent Advances in Microbial Ecology.


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Science of the Total Environment,— Sampling the lower gut is particularly important as symptoms of mushroom poisoning may not become evident for several days after ingestion by which time literature review on fungal airspora contents may have moved down to the colon and rectum.

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