The very process forces a string of questions: Having too rigid an idea of what you want to achieve might make it difficult for you to adapt your work in response to feedback. Each of UEA’s Creative Writing courses offers an opportunity to explore and develop your literary ambitions in relation to the wider social and literary context, to work under the pressure of deadlines, and to share the experience of writing in the company of other committed writers at all stages of their development. The questions only grow more interesting if we consider changes in reception and more complex when we alter era or cultural setting. The very process forces a string of questions: You’ll receive feedback within the workshop setting, and you’ll also receive written feedback from your tutor and your peers.

Students can only select a Semester 2 module. Rather than produce a cohesive narrative about the period, we will examine how our writers engage with, and disturb, their own literary, historical and critical inheritances. Must the adaptation always be ‘secondary’? Can we define a ‘good’ adaptation? Media Room Latest News.

Creative Writing Prose Fiction MA

You’ll then have a one-to-one tutorial with your tutor after the workshop to deepen your understanding of the response from the group.

Finance Undergraduate Fees and Funding. This course offers an intensive immersion in the study of the writing of prose fiction. All of which is done to enable you to write the best short fiction you’re capable of writing at this time.

Go to Study homepage Apply. You will explore the literature of these periods ma in creative writing prose at uea its material contexts the region’s prosperity and power may still be seen in its architecture and in the rich holdings of its libraries and museums and ask whether there was a specifically East Anglian cultural tradition.

And if it is, what is the more and how might it be written? This module introduces you to the ways in which material texts both in manuscript and print were transformed during the vital era from the emergence of print at the end of the middle ages to the close of the seventeenth century. The average age of an MA student is around 30, although some are much older, while occasionally we accept students who have progressed straight from their BA.


The full list of accepted tests can be found here: We accept students with a wide variety of academic backgrounds — and some with none — though many do tend to have a good first degree in English Literature. Our first consideration is always the quality and potential of the writing sample submitted with your application. War of the Words The ma in creative writing prose at uea really is mightier than the sword. International candidates are also encouraged to access the International Students section of our website.

You will be equiped with the ma in creative writing prose at uea in early-modern archival studies that are necessary to tackle these questions. Ma in creative writing prose at uea would expect you to want to extend your knowledge and understanding and improve on anything you have written before. And too often such writing fails to acknowledge the ways in which it itself participates in the literary ‘creativity’ it is also about.

Marine Agriculture and Environmental. Just pop any questions about this course into the form below and our enquiries team will answer as soon as they can. UEA Literary Festival The University of East Anglia’s first literary festival took place in and over the last twenty five years we have welcomed a host of award-winning authors, journalists, illustrators, scientists, economists, broadcasters and more.

MA Creative Writing Prose Fiction (Part Time) Postgraduate Study – UEA

Some writing in class and between classes will be required. Throughout the module you’ll learn how to become a better writer via becoming a ma in creative writing prose at uea reader and editor of others’ work. You will be required to submit 5, words of original fiction at the end of the autumn semester, and another 5, words at the end of the spring semester.


In particular, you will spend a portion of each seminar learning how to read the handwriting of sixteenth and seventeenth century documents.

Some of the authors that you’ll consider though this may be subject to small changes each year are: You’ll hand in a reworked draft of your work for your second summative assessment.

Using these enormously influential authors as a starting point, we read a range of ludic authors, passing back and forth between languages, nations, and genres. Finally, you will be encouraged to consider modernism in relation to post-First World war political internationalism and to investigate the adoption and twisting of modernist cosmopolitan literary techniques to disclose the intellectual implications of enforced exile, estrangement and persecution.

Each week we usually pair two authors. Academic referees are most useful to us as ma in creative writing prose at uea can give an opinion on your suitability for postgraduate study.

Promising candidates will be invited to one of our interview days, which are scheduled across the academic year. Our tutors are always published novelists of some reputation. Education and Lifelong Learning. This MA can also be taken part time over two years.

Just pop any questions about this course into the form below and our enquiries team will answer as soon as they can. How might recent developments in theory and practice inform your own methods of place writing?

What is the average age of your students, and what sorts of background do they have? The emphasis is always on constructive criticism, and the expectation is that the group will gain as much from the discussion as will the individual whose work is being discussed.