You want to further professionalize your knowledge and skills in this rapidly changing field. Cooperate in industrial design teams or scientific research groups. You already know the developments in Information and Communication Technology from the inside. Our sports and cultural facilities are unique and we host events such as the world’s largest student think tank, Create Tomorrow. Specialise in specific subjects of your preference, and join a research group.

Studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente offers you an excellent opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and skills in a first-rate research and educational environment. Interactions between the human user and the machine are the main focus of the master human media interaction and includes topics such as speech and natural language processing. Products and services in today’s world are steadily becoming more advanced and complex. The two-year MSc program in Systems and Control is aimed at students with a technical BSc background interested in analysis and control of dynamic systems in their widest sense. Onderzoek van onderwijs onder leerlingen uit havo-4 en vwo-4 naar de samenhang tussen het laten volgen van de actualiteiten, de kennis van de actualiteiten en de maatschappelijke geletterdheid en maatschappelijke oordeelsvorming.

Managing Europe is a complex challenge, which can be largely attributed to the fact that Europe consists of various dimensions that result from a complicated system of government bodies. This master’s degree expands your knowledge of physics, providing deeper and fundamental insights into the research field you choose to focus on. Students and staff come from abroad, and also students have the opportunity to spend their second year abroad.

Today’s construction industry is changing fast. Mechatronics focuses on mechatronic design: You learn to define your own paths in the analysis, research and design. Naar volledige website my. What are the consequences of government policies like decentralisation? Have you master thesis utwente cme thought about studying for a qualification to enable you to teach social sciences? New techniques, shifting master thesis utwente cme, complicated logistics, and globalization are changing the nature of projects.

And this is precisely the area on which the master’s program in Industrial Engineering and Management IEM concentrates. The experiment is the primary means through which we discover more about that world.

Besides the lectures, there will be training classes master thesis utwente cme workshops on for example communication, stress management and water technology It demands engineers who have mastered the process and who can oversee, analyze and predict all aspects of the design and execution of civil engineering projects Specific examples of embedded systems include those controlling the ABS of a car or the operation of its engine; the automatic pilot of an aircraft; and the chipset and software within a set-top box for digital TV.


Examples include large-scale plants such as power stations, master thesis utwente cme refineries, steel factories or flood barriers. MSc Applied Mathematics – Characteristic of mathematics is the search for methods and structures that are widely applicable.

Via a cost estimation model for volatility towards a more efficient supply chain: Political policy, participation master thesis utwente cme permission procedures, land expropriation, environmental impact studies, costing, budgeting and price control, logistic efficiency, safety and many other factors must be taken into account early in the plan development of real estate and infrastructure projects.

The topics in the general block provide an introduction to the four cornerstones of master thesis utwente cme academic field: Students and staff are the keys. More importantly, these individuals must be able to offer practical solutions to all manner of communication problems and dare to explore uncharted territory Many products we use today did not exist or were totally different ten years ago.

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New techniques, shifting roles, complex logistics and globalization are only some of the factors affecting the character and management of projects. Geo-information is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. The Public Administration PA master’s degree programme highlights public administration and informed approaches i.

Tot nu toe zijn de verslagen in het Nederlands maar het is goed mogelijk dat de verslagen in de toekomst in het Engels moeten worden gemaakt. To successfully complete its tasks, management has to integrate the various aspects of performance and ensure that work is carried out in a professional manner. GIS and RS tools can be used for solving real-world problems and complex issues: Master thesis utwente cme related to industry and organizations, government and policy, health and safety, media and technology as well as education in a knowledge society frequently require solutions based on psychology.

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The Applied Physics program is rooted in master thesis utwente cme fundamental truths and basic laws that describe the world around us. The University of Twente has also generated more than successful spin-off companies. The programme involves assignments to practice the design of complex, multi-modal interfaces and subjects to examine the human factors of media and their interfaces.


Join one of the research institutes of the University. Together with the professor of the chair, a detailed program, tailored to the needs of the student, is formulated. The Master of Public Management MPM programme offers a multidisciplinary, analytical and creative approach to the issues and problems faced by managers in the public sector Complex, innovative and multidisciplinary projects in a dynamic environment call for a new breed of manager who is able to expertly combine engineering with management skills.

The aim is to gain a better understanding of the relation between process development, process control, and the relevant achievement indicators Consequently, there is a growing need for multidisciplinary managers. All over the world, both large and small organizations actively work round the clock to facilitate communication.

We need modern business processes in order to develop, sell, produce, purchase and maintain them, and to use and recycle them safely and efficiently. Progress is monitored during the two years. Studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente offers you an excellent opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and skills in a first-rate research and educational environment.

This programme has no specializations. You will be at the forefront of research and development of innovative chemical processes, novel materials, and new products. This includes topics such as speech and natural language processing, master thesis utwente cme reality, robotics and artificial intelligence.

The interaction with other disciplines, such as physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, finance and economics, industrial engineering, management and computer science is crucial. The master’s program in Business Administration has six specializations; specializations with their own individual range of subjects and career prospects Specialize in a chosen field, to prepare for a career in science or industry.

Both issues demand fundamental innovations in the world’s energy landscape. The BC industry is currently under a lot of pressure, as there is an increasing need for greater master thesis utwente cme, client orientation and innovation. Choose one of the five specializations: In addition, there is a master thesis utwente cme focus on master thesis utwente cme you with the important master thesis utwente cme skills you need to successfully perform experiments