I hope everyone had a good time during the break. We finished taking notes on halogens and inert gases p. Workbooklets will also be collected and graded on that date There is no set number to have completed for Tuesday. In-Class Assignment on Friday, covering section 5.

Students worked on review in preparation for tomorrow’s Quiz Sc9. There will be a unit 2 test Tuesday, October 31st!! Students in small groups started an activity using molecular models to explore the valence of common non-metals and the shape of some simple molecules. Today we introduced the last chapter of the Electricity unit with a listening activity based on a Bill Nye video, which students passed in at the end of the period. Students should be working on their unit review.

Exercises page ‘s are to be completed by Monday. We have one silent reading Friday left. Please mdjh homework activities for Ch. Finish questions for homework if not done in class. The final draft is due on Nov. Today I led a conversation about mdjh homework to help set the climate for our work together this year. All students are mdjh homework to have a fiction novel. There will be a test on Friday, March Students worked on a Google Classroom assignment on electricity in Newfoundland.

Magazines like Seventeen teach us how to get the ‘perfect body’ etc. REminder test mdjh homework Tuesday Nov Be sure to keep studying. Families are welcome to visit!

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Notes and review are posted on Google Classroom. Morning class cancelled due mdjh homework weather. We will complete mdjh homework Quick Review sheets tomorrow. Students should now be more than half way through their independent novel.


I returned corrected Quiz Sc9. We went outside to use the school’s Newtonian telescope to to project an image of the mdjh homework allowing us to see sunspots, and we used the Sky Map app on ipads to locate the position of the planets in the sky.

Students watched a portion The Mdjh homework as an introduction to our next chapter on the solar system. Students worked on review in preparation for Quiz Sc9. Students can access all information the MR. Book Circles start on Friday.

Notes are available from my website at https: I had anticipated doing a lab today but mdjh homework not able to have the materials prepared in time. Science Fair project topic to be submitted by Monday Jan mdjh homework Paper copies have been passed out and posted on Google Classroom. Ancestry project questions should be done this week. Read your story out loud to hear where a sentence should end or if it all sounds right. Cost of electricity Carnet Sc9.


Students wrote quiz Mdjh homework. All you need to bring is your pencil. Exercises page ‘s 3, 4, 6, 9, 11 mdjh homework b12, 13 Any 314,20, 22, 23 are to be completed. Please complete one of the four assigned constructed mdjh homework questions mdjh homework Monday, Nov. We corrected the answers to the section on Mendeleev and the periodic table Carnet Sc9. Begin reviewing vocab for Ch. We reviews the answers to the case study mdjh homework Electrostatics Carnet Sc9. Complete Quick Reviews 4.


Workbooklets will also be collected and graded on that date Science Test for Unit 1, l’Espace, to take place on the week of November Assignments are due on Monday, February 12th. Science fair experiment – presented in class 2.

Students did a reading activity using the textbook and a set of ‘Who Am I’ cards to familiarize themselves with some facts on various bodies of the solar system.

This is a short Carnet.

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Review materials for the upcoming test on Google Classroom. Relationship between genes and traits. Exercises page ‘s 4, 6, 8, 10, mdjh homework, 13, 15 to be completed.

Students finished their small-group reading activity and completed the notes mdjh homework the various astronomers on p.

Students discussed traits, genes, chromosomes, and DNA and completed notes on p. Sheets handed out in class including possible questions. Students were asked to read the history of the atomic theory on p. There will be a quiz covering sections 5.

Students are asked to complete the practice calculations on p. Quiz tomorrow covering sections 3. Double space your work. Mdjh homework technologies d’observation astronomique, Carnet Sc9.