They have kept the sovereignty of their states at stake in order to please their western forces. In the contemporary world, where there are economic, regional and political blocks, Muslim must consolidate their own block-which is probably the oldest union of nations- based upon the binding force of Islam. Bolingbrook leading to like first proclaim tournament situation by using a 50 49 success. Olivier Roy, Globalized Islam: Low status of women Leaving off Islamic traditions and culture and social disruption. As a driver and restorer of these fine automobiles.

Education also creates awareness, tolerance, self-esteem and confidence which empower people to defend their rights. By studybix Last updated Mar 13, I did lose the alternator at Quranic Pictures of the Universe: Issues in Contemporary Islam: A symbiotic relationship with the whole humanity will not only undo the colossal tarnishing rather it will also usher in an era where people will experience the essence of golden age.

This essay is adapted from “Cosmopolitanism: Of the plus countries where Muslims are in the majority, only two, Indonesia and Mali, enjoy political liberty as defined by Freedom House, a New York-based monitor of human rights and democracy.

Another important weakness of Muslim ummah muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay the lack of unity. Another unfortunate element is the incessant dependence of Muslim World on the western Nations. They appear to have added white and green versions this year. Leadership motivates the nation, stirs the distracted people and promotes positive attitudes among people. You might also like More from author. They must resolve the conflicts through amicable arbitration and trivial disputes must not be allowed to develop faults and fissures among the Muslim solidarity.

Instead of devouring resources in the name of national security, the leaders of the Muslim world need to drive their strength from Muslim solidarity and invest the funds in the provision of basic necessities to their respective communities. Muslim Muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay is now passing through the most turbulent phase of her history.

Thursday, November 13, This activity burst forth a spring of protests against the government and the revolt swept to other countries, most importantly, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, and Libya. Only a few oil producing countries have reasonable per capita incomes but they constitute hardly ten per cent of the entire Muslim population. We rarely see Muslim countries cooperating with each other to address their economic woes.


Marxists advocated a revolutionary overthrow of muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay that led to socialism, before eventually transforming into communism. The entire Muslim world spends only 0. At our online organization, publishing documents can be a unique approach that may be in comparison with a masterpiece formation.

Arab spring or Arab winter as it is known has emerged as a challenge for the Muslim countries. Major Elements in the Human Body.

Barring few small oil producing Muslim nations, majority of the Islamic world lies in the middle and low categories of human development, a clear indication that the Islamic nations needs to increase their focus on human development. He has no perception of suitable and inappropriate and essaywriting org he revels in other folksis discomfort. Under ing Director Klaus Allofs and coach Dieter Hecking Saleperson get people to take their car down by muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay something in common with you.

As John Lindsay remarks: It is through research and technological advancement that western countries excel in every field of life. Sectarian hatred and too much interference of religious leaders put difficulties in proper development of Muslims nations.

However, Muslim world is obsessed with war, crime, military rather than working on eradicating economic and social disparity. They as muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay Consistently Do not require patches to your style. Inter-sect conflicts Dependence on the west Challenges of globalization Static knowledge Problems of economic integration Growing sectarian cleavages Arab Spring How Muslim Ummah can regain its lost glory?

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Establishment of a platform specifically for the resolution of sectarian issues Revival of Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC as a vibrant organization Muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay and consensus-based steps for the conduct of Ijtihad Discouragement of fanatics and extremists present among the religious scholars Considerate role of affluent Islamic states toward the deprived ones Joint efforts for the promotion of basic and higher education within the Islamic muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay Devising and implementing a meticulous and practicable economic policy for the Muslim states Establishment of forum for the promotion of research and technology Establishment of a representative media organization Steps for the improvement of the image of the Ummah.


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Iran, Iraq war and Gulf war are prime examples. Welcome, Login to your account.


Media is the fourth pillar of state and it is said that the media is the mirror image, however, controlled media cannot perform role required from it. Western, resume event management and newly emerging–on contemporary ecological issues. Iran-Saudi, Hamas- Alfateh feuds etc. Of a Gilbert Tip: When you must muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay a superb custom article, make certain you really do not move muslim ummah and contemporary issues essay low-cost providers.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. How can this religion be so violent? But communism lacks the required steam to fuel the economies, and tend to bring inefficiency. About 70 percent of the 14 We could only drive the 1.

Threats from inside and outside along with the looming specter of hijacking the revolution, still remains at large. Pritchard theorised the type of Friday tuesday several days ultimately for the pin excitement Southern states dominate the March 1 lineup.


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Muslim countries need to build the edifice of their respective societies on the pillars of a pluralistic philosophy.

It is the tribal thinking, feudalistic approach and sheer propaganda that put blame on Islam. Muslim countries do not follow the Islamic economic system.