Check out the video below In addition to this, make sure to spend time dribbling on the move. I use several of these as I was learning to dribble when I was a kid and now teach my son and daughter these as well. Vintage Sports Magazines But as the videos went on, Maravich began to initiate his young viewers into a more esoteric set of skills. Best Match Best Match.

Naturally, I was dubious. Tuesday, October 18th, and is filed under Uncategorized. Experienced coaches are ready to answer your basketball questions! Refine your search for pistol pete basketball. Unisex Adult T-Shirts 8.

These basketball training drills were developed by Pete and his father, Press Maravich pistol pete homework basketball dribbling are the same drills that Pete practiced when he was a young up-and-coming player. Stay with that commitment. All you got to do is fake. Previous All Posts Next. Again and again, I rewound the trick-shot sequence, watching as Maravich leapt into the air and looped the ball between his legs before completing a reverse layup.

The Maravich drills are named after the legendary “Pistol” Pete Maravich.

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Letter of Recommendation: ‘Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball’

A master of the unexpected pass, Pistol Pete will keep viewers on the edge of their seat as they see a true artist at work. The score will be forgotten, but what will endure are those rare moments when the plodding human body escaped its mortal form and entered, if only for a second, the realm of grace. Check this box to receive an email notification when someone else comments on this page.


The double-clutch dribble The bullet ricochet The baseball pass The knee clap Fanning the ball. Vintage Sports Ticket Stubs 7. Vintage Sports Magazines Cardiologists who reviewed his autopsy were flummoxed pistol pete homework basketball dribbling he managed to play basketball for so long.

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Unknown to anyone, Maravich included, he was born with a rare heart defect that left him without a left coronary artery. Good drills for all age groups. Condition see all Condition.

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Pistol pete homework basketball dribbling way of mastering the game that is unmatched by any other instructional series. I use several of these as I was learning to dribble when I was a kid and now teach my son and daughter these as well. My efforts were downright monastic — asceticism in the service of its opposite. Tell us what you think. Ooh, you make it look so good!


Letter of Recommendation: ‘Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball’ – The New York Times

In light of this knowledge, I find it tempting to read retroactively pistol pete homework basketball dribbling his career a kind of gorgeous desperation, to wonder whether, on some level, he felt the burden of his truncated fate, a questing urge to linger in the spotlight while it was still his.

Just remember to encourage the inexperienced players to keep at it and to not give up. But he was most famous for his on-court wizardry, for his nimble behind-the-back passes and persuasive head-fakes that made even the most adroit defenders look ornamental and weak.

All-Star Game throughout the s. And who was Pistol Pete Maravich anyway? Other Unisex Adult Clothing 9. You have to fake. I still recall faking a behind-the-back pass and juking my opponent, only to retract the ball and flip it against the backboard for an uncontested layup.