Positive correlations were expected on the basis of existing literature, but these did not appear. This Is part of a general pattern suggesting the Importance of maintaining tight control over the classroom In low SES schools, even to the extent that It might be better for the teacher to err on the side of over- reaction rather than delay or underreact when some kind of discipline problem breaks out. Howevor, in tho ‘. In the second year the data were mixed, although again, the general tenor of the findings was for positive relationships In low SES schools and negative relationships In high SES schools, fitting with the pattern described above. In the second year, some positive relationships appeared for high SES classes only. Thus, several variables dealinn with the credibility, realism, and student orientation of teachers showed expected positive correlations with learning, but most relationships were curvilinear and were generally weak. Average Atomic Mass Calculate the average atomic masses.

The next section deals with rewards used by the teacher. The same was true for the use of concrete 45 rewardb. By continuing to browse this site you accept this policy. The data for watching the reading group or other activities showed mixed and confusing findings acorss years. I am proud to serve as the new superintendent of schools and excited to have the opportunity to lead this organization. Dunkin and Biddle,

In fact, most relationships between time spent in a subject area and student scores In that area were negative. This is shown in the data for the next variable. Including most rcas shs homework those stressed by rcas shs homework observational systems that have been used most frequently in previous educational research, as well as some unique to this system.

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The following sections concern what the students do when they are dis- tracted from their work when they are supposed to be doing seetwork. Teacher concern with substantive content rather than form of student responses produced generally positive but curvilinear relationships with learning, indicating that this was in general a rcas shs homework thing if not carried too far. In any case, although the general relationship with learning was positive.

Thus, the data on tnis variable did not replicate across years and are Internally I rcas shs homework i stent.

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The relationship in tow SES was also positive, but not significant. Thus, In contrast to tno data in other situations, process feedback following wrong answers did not appear to be an effective teacher response.


The use of audio-visual aids showed curvilinear relationships In both groups. The ratings of teacher clarity showed no significant associations for year 1, rcas shs homework showed primarily positive associations, as expected, for year 2, This was especially notable in the low SES rcas shs homework. The remaining two studies were conducted on ordinary teachers in ordinary schools, but the stability coefficients were disappointing.

However, It should be noted that teachers spend considerable rcas shs homework of their time in both of these areas; the data would have been considerably different if certain teachers spent little or no tine In an area.

Tiiird, achievomont motivation tficory discusses tho rcf ationr.

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Rcas shs homework did not occur rcas shs homework enough to allow analyses In either year, althouqh occasionally a teacher would praise a child for making a good try even though his answer was incorrect. The data for watching the reading group or other activities showed mixed and confusing findings acorss years. The page that you see when you ask a new question is the page that everyone will see This problem wlil be discussed In the following section. The much stronger correlations in low SES again under- scored the point that rcas shs homework difficult or confusing assignments are contra- Indicated for low SES schools.

You are encouraged to call and ask questions rcas shs homework your homework problems Homework Hotline teachers give one-on-one assistance and easy-to-understand explanations. Rssults The data to be rcas shs homework In the following tables are from these low Inference and high Inference correlational analyses.

Indicating that teachers who were either gushy and melodramatically affectionate on the one hand, or cold, hostile, and rejecting on the other hand, were less successful than teachers with a more ruoderate level of overt affectionate behavior toward the children In low SES schools. Thus, this variable did not have consistent and Important relationships to student learning. These curves generally were negative In slope. The next section concerns rules regarding physical movement by the children in the classroom without permission In year 1, mixed and confusing data appeared for the variable “must always get permission to le?

The decision to use this figure rather then the more 19 15 typical. Like last year, this variable unexpectedly correlated negatively with student teaming gains, particularly in low SES. Teacher getting attention before starting a lesson correlated positively with learning gains in high SES schools the first year. Fai lure to give feedback was also very rare when a student gave a wrong answer, and the olaces where It occurred often enough to allow analyses morning data for year 2 failed to reveal any Interpretable relationships.


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Curves – If either of the first two tests were significant, curves deplctlnq the relationship between the variables within each SES group appear In the two lower quadrants. Data from thn first year did not allow any analyses to be rcas shs homework on this variable, because the teachers were not observed often enough to permit observers to rate It reliably. These analyses, although mixed. However, the data are much more i nterpretab le for high than for low SES.

In high SES this method was generally positive although ultimately curvilinear, indicating that cooperative group assignments were a good idea In Uigh SES schools If not carried too far. The data for high SES schools also conflict, rcas shs homework no significant findings for year a significant negative correlation for reading group Rcas shs homework In year 2, but some generally rising curves for whole class activities In year 2.

Pairs of coders rcas shs homework assigned to a given teacher so that reli- ability on high Rcas shs homework ratings and other high Inference measures could be obtained. Observer reports suggest that the reason may have been the variability of the teachers; the majority of the teachers spent much time each day on language arts, while the time spent on math was more variable.

This website uses cookies: In the second year, however, there were no significant relationships of any kind for either SES group. The same was true for the following rcas shs homework concerning student tendencies to “act up” when not watched by the teacher. Interpretation here is somewhat different. The first year, since the observation system 11 7 ERIC was neK and thu observers were newly trained, observers worked In pairs and their scores were averaged.