They tell you to bring swimming stuff. After having lunch, we had to take the same path back. The sap is converted into jaggery, a local brew and vinegar. At the moment, this check-list is the only one all the major vertebrate groups found in a single location. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. Well it was a wonderful experience of tropical flora and fauna, if u wannna get a experience of a rain forest Sinharaja is the best.

Visitors pl note its “rain forest” read leeches by the dozen!!! You will mostly see flora – lot’s of trees, flowers, orchids, shrubs, lianas and other green things. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is one of the least disturbed and biologically unique lowland rain forests now remaining in Sri Lanka. I visited the forest at the beginning of March. Sinharaja forest is our heritage we must protect this our invaluable world heritage rain forest. Street beggars are very common in our towns and cities.

The leeches are a nuisance but two pairs of stockings and keeping alert keeps most of them away. Went to Sinharaja from Deniyaya side where the experience was unmatched.

And we were so lucky – our guide was Sanjaya Ruwan.

My trip to Sinharaja forest | Sunday Observer

In the rice fields before the forest, we saw bee-eaters, king fisher birds, eagles and many more beautiful birds. It is in the Ratnapura district. You are unlikely to be disturbed as only the enthusiats go there.

I went on a trip to Anuradhapura with my family. If you feel like Indiana Jones or Tarzan wandering in the Jungle, this is the place to go for a stroll!! If you are bit more adventures, try a difficult freak going up a creak called Pittakele River towards a waterfall called Duvilli Ella, translated as Dust Falls. I love rainforests and though Sinharaja rain forest essay was quintessentially the best for us, we wanted to experience this one.


One of the last tracts of virgin rain forest in Sri Lanka. WWW emphasizes holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka

Many threatened species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies are found in the Reserve including the leopard. Good sights and sounds full of Nature. In addition, the crystal-clear water sinharaja rain forest essay from dozens of streams is the main water source for all people living around the reserve. You can either go in flip flops and that way you’ll sinharaja rain forest essay them or wear your socks, which they can go through. There might also be a few leaches.

By the way from Hikkaduwa to the forest is kms Do bring your hiking boots as it can be wet in some places. The sinharaja rain forest essay the people visit this place, the much safer it is. Flying kites is an enjoyable activity. Then, once on the other side, there’s a path to walk to get to the waterfall – in bare feet – across roots and rocks no idea of how far we’d be going – about 15 mins probably. The long-term success of conserving Sinharaja depends upon the sustainable development of its buffer and peripheral zones through a participatory approach emphasizing the involvement of local people.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Sinharaja rain forest essay your comment here You can go for a full day walk or even stay overnight – next time we would do this. Lakpura Travels Pvt Ltd Sit back relax and enjoy your holiday to the very best.

The Rakwana Massif with its mountain ranges are part of the sinharaja rain forest essay covered by Sinharaja rain forest. Best birdwatching in Sri Lanka. If you have not visited this place, sinharaja rain forest essay it must be listed in your bucket list. The locals collect herbal medicine, edible fruits, nuts, mushrooms, other non-timber forest products including bees honey and a sugary sap collected from a local palm species of the genus Caryota.


We saw florescent green little snake and held it: We really enjoyed this trip, which contributed to our perception how Sri Lanka is country of great diversity. The roof is tatched with leaves of a forest treelet called Beru or with Bamboo leaves. These are very valuable things for the people.

Sinharaja Rain Forest – Sri Lanka

Preliminary studies on the fauna of Sinharaja sinharaja rain forest essay revealed that there is a high degree of endemism among the butterflies, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Long trousers are a MUST as well as long socks and firm footwear.

These are the moments that defy all the other experiences in our lives. The track leading up to the forest is very rough and the jeep ride can be a bit hairy but once you leave the vehicle the experience is breathtaking. Invertebrates include the endemic Common Birdwing butterfly sinharaja rain forest essay the inevitable leeches. A wonderful experience, very well preserved rainforest.

The Sinharaja Rain Forest is spectacular. Natural pure spring water and clean oxygen with beauty of its own. Anyway he can book Raja for sinharaja rain forest essay Tuk yuk, he also walked with me and the guide, my guide was provided at the park and you pay rup I also tipped Among these are cool waterfalls, rushing sinharaja rain forest essay and crystal clear freshwater streams. Nature in its true form. Thus, it may not be a luxury to bring a raincoat in addition to your camera.