Upper secondary school pupils on a Space and Satellites course planned a space mission with the guidance of experts. His PhD degree was granted by the University of Basel in Dramatic Arts and Film. The seminal role of Prof. More recently he engaged in integrated marine sciences brining together different disciplines to provide the scientific basis for ocean sustainable development.

Those collaborations have visually recognized according his publications including coauthor members from different affiliations. These advances and vi their implementation in popular computational packages have greatly contributed to make PCM the most widely used method for quantum mechanical studies of molecules in condensed phases. His current research focuses on such areas as artificial muscles; energy storage, conversion, and harvesting; the science and technology of nanomaterials; thermoacoustic sound projectors; solid-state synthesis; smart textiles; novel known and unknown forms of carbon; and materials with extreme and rare properties. His research interest has then expanded to the bottom-up development of switchable surfaces and interfaces, to the multiscale study of electronic properties of supramolecularly engineered materials, to graphene chemistry and to the fabrication of supramolecular devices. He remained there until Beyond plain structural properties organic electronic materials pose additional challenges. Call for papers and book chapters featuring the Threshold Concept.

This approach attempted to deliver an effective learning environment through inquiry-oriented collaborative group tkk dissertations for postgraduate students http: His research activity is mainly focused on the development and application of tkk dissertations initio methods for the study of complex molecules and materials containing metals.

He has tkk dissertations in all European seas and extensively in the European sector of the Arctic Ocean. Since as Group Leader at IMP Vienna, he developed synthetic virus-like gene transfer, including adenovirus-enhanced transferrinfection AVETwhich led to the first-in-world polymer-based gene therapy study Tkk dissertations gene-modified tkk dissertations vaccines indeveloped under his function as Director for Cancer Vaccines at Boehringer Ingelheim Austria He is a member of the editorial boards of 18 international scientific journals in the fields of chemistry and materials science.

It is useful for both children and adults, as the latter remain poor reasoners in many situations where their System 1 dominates, often unconsciously. It was no obvious choice for an academic career in magnetism, but it worked out well, thanks to continued close links with colleagues in France, and support tkk dissertations the first European Framework Programmes which offered decent funding for collaborative applied research.

Experimental studies carried out in his group include selective fluorination methods and synthesis of fluorinated analogues of natural products and medicinally relevant compounds. Available online 17 Oct ; DOI: He has been a prime driver of European and international teaching and use of e-learning in agricultural and climate sciences, winning two prizes for this work.


He is a physicist in the fields of spintronics and quantum information engineering who performs experiments that explore photonics, electronics and semiconductor-based quantum information processing at the nanometer scale. He also works on tkk dissertations design of biomedical tkk dissertations based on the plasmonic properties of well-defined metal nanoparticles and tkk dissertations.

White Tkk dissertations at Cornell Unversity – Daniel Loss received a Ph. He is involved in several research projects and he collaborates with laboratories and institutes in Italy and abroad.

He became a marine biogeochemist, expert in nutrient cycles in various marine ecosystems, with a focus on the silica cycle tkk dissertations on the Southern Ocean since the s. Already in he and coworkers published a paper dealing with scale bridging simulations for polymers, which by now developed into tkk dissertations truly quantitative and predictive tool.

Major contributions include his systematic studies on the interactions of glycans with lectins, and especially on their roles in cancer, infectious and inflammatory processes.

Water-clear metal fluoride sols and powders obtained via this synthesis open access for optical, dental, luminescent, ceramic, catalytic and tkk dissertations applications.

His research tkk dissertations are both in molecular physics and high resolution molecular spectroscopy, and in atmospheric physics. More recently the enantioselectivity of enzymes was improved by directed evolution. Water is a major focus of their work.

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A strong feeling for the interpretation of experimental results is evidenced by long-standing collaborations with top-level experimental groups. A happy consequence of the economic boom in Ireland in tkk dissertations s was the establishment in of Science Foundation Ireland, a properly-funded agency with a mission to secure a foothold for the country in the future knowledge economy. Ham Medal as an outstanding educator. He was listed also in the Engineering field The published work of Christiane Perrin consists in about papers including several chapters of books tkk dissertations four patents.

Recently he studied phase changes tkk dissertations water, a problem with important planetological implications. Although no observational evidence has yet been tkk dissertations for such structures, this remains an active area of research, in which interest has revived since it was discovered that very similar objects would be predicted by many cosmological scenarios based on fundamental string theory.


More news More events. He has three children and seven grandchildren. It focuses on the mechanisms underlying the expression and the inheritance of the effects of environmental conditions such as traumatic stress in early postnatal life, on behavior and physiology, tkk dissertations their link with diseases in humans.

Tkk dissertations, he has been tkk dissertations professor with teaching duty in the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences from His work has concentrated on the theoretical development and application of Artificial Intelligence methods that have been applied to many fields of environmental science. A Short Introduction and a Bibliography. Outside physics, Kibble has had a long-standing interest in the interactions of science and society.

He obtained a Ph. He was promoted to Tkk dissertations Professor with tenure in June and subsequently to Full Professor in His researches led to the development of tkk dissertations AIDS vaccine, still in clinical trials.

Jean-Luc Bredas received his B. Her current research interests include the synthesis of functional macromolecules to address current challenges in biomedical and materials research.

Once understood, tkk dissertations threshold concept changes the way in which the student views the discipline. His achievements include solving the structure of the highly controversial nonclassical 2-norbornyl cation, pagodane and isopagodane dications. He joined the Department of Electrical Engineering as an Associate Professor tkk dissertations and became Full Professor in the same department in He teaches courses on drinking water quality, treatment and reuse, advanced unit operations for water treatment, environmental nanotechnology, advanced oxidation technologies, and physical-chemical processes for tkk dissertations quality control.

In tkk dissertations Tropical Atlantic he works on ocean mixing with a focus on the supply of oxygen towards the tropical oxygen minimum zones. Into celebrate his 60 th birthday, Prof. The elusive quantum mechanical phenomenon called entanglement has now been made a reality in objects almost macroscopic in size.

His research is related to solid state fluorine chemistry with special emphasis on heterogeneously catalysed fluorination reactions. Her research tkk dissertations mostly concerned with the study of nonlinear tkk dissertations differential equations and the use of variational methods to study problems in relativistic quantum mechanics and quantum chemistry.