Graduates can work in politics, public policy, research, or analysis; or in areas like international development, education advocacy, or social work. It helps you to understand music from diverse perspectives, including the scientific study of the human mind, brain and behaviour, emotion, learning and development, and social interaction, through to the everyday uses and therapeutic applications of music. Graduates of the French major develop competence in speaking, reading and writing French. English Single Major 16 units consisting of: The course of study will provide you with an introductory set of skills that you can use in a contemporary workplace or in a career where clear writing and creative communication in print or digital modes are required. Students in the Economics major are well-positioned to play a leading role in the future direction of business, government and society. How you apply for the Bachelor of Arts depends on what type of applicant you are.

To enable students with an adequate background in General Linguistics to pursue further study in one specialist area in more depth than is possible with a pass degree To enhance students’ capacity for independent research and to acquire research skills appropriate to their area of specialisation. Extended Major Stream B 24 units consisting of: Anthropologists study a diversity of cultures in all their complexity and richness in places that are both unfamiliar and familiar. Please note that this field has a Semester 1 commencement only. History is one of the most exciting and rewarding disciplines to study at university, and considers individuals, societies and civilisations across the globe and through time. There are two major areas of focus in the honours year in Music – a study of research methodology as it relates to music, and the researching and writing a thesis of about 15, words.

Peace and Conflict Studies Extended Major 24 units consisting of: Minors are only listed on academic transcripts.

Please view the Bachelor of Arts for information on key dates and how to apply. The University of Queensland.

Creative Writing: Screenwriting (WRIT2120)

The head of a faculty is uq bachelor of arts creative writing an Executive Dean. It looks like you’re outside Australia or NZ, so we’ve set your view to international. Graduates of the Political Science major typically work in a variety of roles in both the public and private sectors. We also have one of the largest programs in Australia — nearly 13, of our students are studying an arts major.

Undergraduate level study in German covers the history, literature and culture of Germany. For example 2L1T3P means you have 2 hours of lecture, a one hour tutorial and a uq bachelor of arts creative writing hour practical laboratory each week.

Film and television were the most important creative forms of the 20th century and drastically reshaped society and our human experience. They also work in the fields of justice and law enforcement, education, business and health. Many mathematics graduates study advanced degrees and go on to research positions at universities, agencies like the CSIRO or the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, and private companies.


Why study the Bachelor of Creative Arts?

Prospective uq bachelor of arts creative writing must arrange for an academic staff member from the School of Human Movement Studies to be their supervisor before enrolment in the honours program is permitted. Graduates with a Linguistics major typically work in a huge variety of careers in areas as diverse as engineering and artificial intelligence designing linguistics algorithmssoftware engineering speech recognitionhealth sciences, education, law and publishing.

Course profiles marked as not available may still be in development. Writing uq bachelor of arts creative writing are in demand in practically every industry, sector and field you can think of. As a student in the Political Science major, you’ll develop knowledge about different aspects of Political Science and how to integrate them, so you can better understand key political processes. Drama Single Major 16 units consisting of: The Honours program in Studies in Religion is designed to enable students to become acquainted with and competent in the methods and procedures applied in researching religion.

In the Ancient History major you’ll learn about the history, literature, religion, philosophy, social customs, art and architecture of ancient peoples like the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans. To enable students with an adequate background in French to pursue further study in one specialist area in more depth than is possible with a pass degree To enhance students capacity for independent research and to acquire research skills appropriate to their area of specialisation.

Russian Single Major 16 units consisting of: Journalism and Mass Communication Single Major 16 uq bachelor of arts creative writing consisting of: Writing Extended Major 24 units consisting of: The major places particular emphasis on cultural practices characterised by the ubiquity of digital media technologies in everyday life. Critical Analysis of Sporting Issues. Find out more about financial aidincluding scholarships and financial aid programs.

Course coordinators and lecturers generally work in schools. The Bachelor of Arts Honours is accredited by:. Courses in Russian cultural history, literature, and film are also available in English.

Studies in Religion Extended Major 24 units consisting of: Italian is available in a cross-institutional arrangement at Griffith University. There are a variety of career paths and for leadership and management within the Creative Arts sector.

Identity, family, community, nation. Change to I’m a domestic student. Year 12 or equivalent English. National and international students are encouraged to apply.


Here’s everything you need to get in touch with us. Search uq bachelor of arts creative writing by name, keyword or career. A knowledge of French will give students access to rich cultural traditions in art, philosophy, architecture, music, literature, film, fashion and cuisine. Archaeology Extended Major 24 units consisting of: It is a large discipline that covers topics like brain function, memory, conscious experience, lifespan development and social behaviour, as well as the full spectrum of functional and dysfunctional behaviour.

Creative Writing: Narrative Fiction – – The University of Queensland, Australia

Majors and minors for this program. There are also uq bachelor of arts creative writing available in women’s services, media, and equity and diversity roles in HR, business and the private sector. Entry ranks range fromwith 99 being the highest obtainable. Students should consult the Honours uq bachelor of arts creative writing or the Undergraduate student advisor in the School to determine eligibility and program requirements.

Undergraduate level study in Peace and Conflict Studies trains students in the understanding of the causes of political conflict and the possibilities of finding peaceful solutions to them. This single major like the single major in Journalism and Mass Communication is intended as a practice-driven suite with appeal to domestic and international students considering the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland. Philosophers are less concerned with “right” or “wrong” answers — instead they think deeply about a range of topics and develop well-constructed, informed arguments to address particular questions.

Students will become experts in creative theory and its cultural context. The Honours program in Philosophy provides students with a solid foundation to undertake advanced study in philosophy.

Graduates should be able to express themselves effectively, both orally and in writing; be able to work cooperatively in a team; and be able to demonstrate a depth of understanding in one or more fields of knowledge. Sociology will teach you how to look at the world in new ways.

Whether you’re interested uq bachelor of arts creative writing creating theatre or going to the theatre, the Drama major will help you understand the performances you see and the performances you might want to make. Comparative Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity. Graduates of the Studies in Religion major also typically work in areas including education and academia, health and social welfare, law and justice, and broadcasting, where they use their cross-cultural understanding to communicate with others.