But after , when green revolution was introduced, there was a sudden hike in consumption of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and hybrid seeds. Both worms then, rather than laying eggs directly, secrete cocoons that contain several eggs. Vermicomposting products have many applications, including vegetable production, home gardening, fruit gardening, landscaping, vinegrowing, and in agriculture. The importance of the earthworms in waste management, environmental conservation, organic farming and sustainable agriculture has been highlighted by several workers 6,7,8 Therefore an experiment was conducted during summer session from January to March with the objectives to find the best source of bedding material in relation to the nutrient status as well as the multiplication of earthworms and to find out the best species of earthworm vis-a-vis different bedding materials. Impact of vermicomposting on weight loss of three organic substrate in the presence of three Earthworms.

Mahavash and Ghatnegar, G. It was observed that acid phosphatase enzyme contributed to the P-mineralization in the first 50 days, while phytase enzyme contributed in the latter part of vermicomposting. John Arthur and Andrew lead the cleaning and preparation of the vermiculture beds for substrates application. Sampedro, E, Benitez and Nogales, R. India has a long tradition of agriculture with a rich heritage of eco friendly agriculture technologies.

This is presumably a defense. In the first bed, we put pure carabao manure without any loam soil like what we put before. July 17, Red wrigglers Eisenia foetida Introduction The vermi worm introduced in the substrated vermi beds were the Red wrigglers Eisenia foetida. Vermiculture is gaining popularity as a means of converting various organic wastes into fertilizer vermicomposting research papers Cambodia and in many other developing countries. Harvesting will commence 10 to 14 days or 2 weeks after stocking of worms.

Another substrate we used is the rice hulls; these vermicomposting research papers the hard protecting coverings of grains of rice. We used the Red wriggler Eisenia foetida in our vermicompost. Before putting the substrate, we made sure that the materials are cut or break into smaller pieces.

There are so many methods are available for the reduction of generated solid waste, when we come to vermicomposting research papers vermicomposting process, it is more economical and having speedy process. Three different combinations of locally abundant agrowastes-banana waste BWmixed farm waste MFW and cow dung CD were fed to two different earthworm species, Perionyx excavatus vermicomposting research papers Eudrilus eugeniae in vermibins under controlled laboratory conditions for 90 days.


On Vermicomposting research papers 4, we had vermicomposting research papers first harvest of the vermicast or the worm manure; we actually harvested a total of kilograms or two sacks of organic fertilizer from the first vermi bed which contains mixture of loam soil, carabao manure and partially decomposed leaves. The castings which are rich in microorganism enhance the plant growth hormones. The succeeding application made used of mixed and different substrates.

From that span of time, we recommend that: It is rich in nutrients. Talking in consideration such favorable environmental conditions, early farmers developed such technologies which were used to reap a big harvest throughout the ages.

If you supply the right ingredients vermicomposting research papers care, your worms will thrive and make compost for you. Two sacks kgs.

Type the above text in box below Case sensitive. The parameters were measured using standard methods. Sufficient time should be vermicomposting research papers for the project in order to maintain it towards its sustainable development; 2. Research Paper on Vermiculture and Vermicomposting 1.


Cultured vermi worms from the project, size of the worms ranges from 1 cm to 18cm. When roughly handled, red wrigglers exude a pungent liquid, most probably as a chemical self-defense, thus the specific name fetida means fetid odor or having a rotten or offensive smell. According to data vermicomposting enterprises were not organized. As waste paper, cattle dung and plant debris are rich in carbon while deficient in vermicomposting research papers cow dung was mixed with it to make it suitable for three vermicomposting research papers.

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The vermicompost is a eco friendly and cost effective methods. Excellent values of total nitrogen 0.

Impact of composting period on three earthworms of Eisenia fetida, Eudrilus eugeniae and Perionyx excavates number and biomass S. Leaf litter decomposition and nutrient dynamics in four tree species of Dry Deciduous Forest. Retrieved on September 29, from http: The procured paper was shredded before using by means of a paper shredder.

In this study, TFW vermicomposting research papers mixed with cattle manure at different proportions for evaluating possibility of recycling Vermicomposting research papers through vermicomposting. Worms can eat their body weight each day in fruit and vegetable scraps, leaving castings as the byproduct.


Our harvested vermicast or worm manure was used as organic fertilizer for pechay Brassica rapa seedlings which we transplanted in the greenhouse near our vermiculture project. You just clipped your first slide!

Research Paper on Vermiculture and Vermicomposting

Research Paper on Vermiculture and Vermicomposting. The paper has attempted to evaluate for development of efficacy vermicompost by using three varieties of earthworms. Though vermicomposting research papers may not be a great increase in nutrient, the small change in nutrient value and the reduction in C: The other sacks of organic fertilizers were stored for vermicomposting research papers use.

Show related SlideShares at end. Skip to main content. Register for an account. Full Name Comment goes here. A mixture of waste paper, plant debris and c dung in the ratio of 1: These wastes include industrial, agricultural of plant debris and domestic waste papers and cattle dung. On August 11, we had another harvest of vermicast coming from the second vermi bed which contains a mixture of carabao manure, partially 6.

The result of Table 1 that the ratio of carbon and nitrogen vermicomposting research papers values phosphorus and potassium increased over 60 days of vermicomposting.

Vermicomposting research papers of vermicomposting on weight loss of three organic substrate in the presence of three Earthworms. In order to overcome those problems Turkish government authorities should deal with this matter and solve problems. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the vermicomposting research papers of cookies on this website. Effect of vermicompost on different physico-chemical parameters of cattle dung and plant debris and paper waste along with three types of earthworms S.

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SlideShare Vermicomposting research papers Search You. The vermibeds constructed with improvised roofing to protect the worms from direct sunlight and excessive rain. We applied several substrates in the vermi beds in our several substrate treatments.