Jason Marentette, Gaetano Pugliese Gaetano Pugliese has over 13 years of practical restaurant management experience, with an extensive background in recipes and menu design. Wings will present a new experience and a western feel, from the moment the customer enters the restaurant until completion of his or her meal. You can find additional information about WCAG 2. If you do not want to make your own sauces and dressings, you can buy them in bulk. Marentette, Interviewer Retrieved from http: Age Distribution years:

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Profitability within two years is possible as the product cost is low, and the western niche is extremely profitable. This means there will be a high volume of chicken and it is worth opening a restaurant dedicated to chicken consumption. Since the startup costs for restaurants are often high, you may need a well-crafted business plan to help secure a loan or interest investors. If successful, Wings will able to create a global supply chain that will dominate entry barriers into new countries and remain financially profitable. Antonio Swad founded Wingstop in It is considered the Coke of chicken wing restaurants.

China’s Largest Cities, Unique Market Niche Wings will have a unique market niche as there are no companies focusing on flavored wings in China.

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Antonio Swad founded Wingstop in It is considered the Coke of chicken wing restaurants. Please see Appendix A Source: This will allow the business to reduce the overall cost of micro-purchases while creating an image that people know and can trust. Retrieved 10 18,from Bustle: The business processes will all be wingstop business plan based. Wings Corporation 23 Operations Plan Restaurant Location Wings Restaurant needs to be seen as a high-end western restaurant that people can trust.

Show related SlideShares at end. Ability to forecast accurately The forecast is based on an excel wingstop business plan that consists of simple formulas that should be correct. The discount cards are used by customers to receive discounts on purchases at Wings. Suppliers For wingstop business plan wing suppliers, Wings will choose the suppliers based on quality and consistency of their product.

As the company grows, the investors share will decrease until the Wings can fully function using leverage from wingstop business plan bank to provide the loans required. The potential repeat for sales will continue to be lucrative with repeat customers wingstop business plan our quality and consistency remains adequate.


Wings defines its customer as a person that wants comfort food, standard serving sizes and the option to choose from a variety of unique flavors of both Chinese and American preference. The second is providing a food quality that is unbeatable in the current market in order to retain customer satisfaction that provides repeat market sales.

Wingstop business plan, Interviewer Retrieved from http: The flavors will be unique to Wings and there will be a formula that will ensure that the chicken wings will be consistent in flavor. Skip to main content. The sales streak was initiated and solidified by Flynn, who joined the company in as president and CEO.

Management wingstop business plan have internal control of employees to ensure that all staff members are working as a team and all parties are responsible to do their jobs quickly and professionally. If you have specific questions or concerns about the accessibility of www. For promotional and marketing purposes, one new flavor will be available for a limited time each month.

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If successful, Wings will able to create a global supply chain that will dominate entry barriers into new countries and remain financially profitable. Wings Corporation 32 Marketing Plan Purpose of Marketing Plan The purpose of the marketing plan is to gather information and determine all hidden risks that accompany starting a business overseas and wingstop business plan find solutions to reduce those risks.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Profitability within two wingstop business plan is possible as the product cost is low, and the western niche is extremely profitable.

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The local chamber of commerce and area phone directories may prove helpful for identifying your competition in the area, after which you can conduct research to evaluate its profitability and weaknesses. Wings plans to structure the business with an American mentality and be extremely franchise friendly.

Wings will be open 7 days a week not including holidays, days per year. Their set-up is different in China; their focus is typical western dishes, such as Burgers, pizza and pastas.

Meat Consumption in China. Once wingstop business plan investors are paid back, the company will plan for expansion and will then request a smaller investment from investors to keep profit share within the company. The JV Partner or Operation manager will move up in responsibilities as the company grows, managing sales, wingstop business plan and local employees. As long wingstop business plan it is able to keep the image of a western restaurant and maintain that status to in the eyes of the locals living in Shanghai, then it should be able to profit enough to achieve financial stability.


The opportunity to be the very first company to bring a new dining experience to the local Chinese market is still available. Our wingstop business plan course will consist of crispy buffalo and flavored breaded chicken wings in set serving sizes. Jason Marentette, the founder, lives in China and has over eight years of management experience with an extensive background in entrepreneurship.

Barriers to entry The barriers to entry are the essential restaurant start-up, financials and structuring of the company with-in an international country. Server takes food order 6. As the company expands, both the head chef and operation manager will start taking more company responsibility, climbing the latter system.

To wingstop business plan a restaurant with a joint venture, it may wingstop business plan helpful to see scenarios of management operation.

SlideShare Explore Search You. The gathered information for China will include government stability, market and country characteristics, barriers for entry, and the potential customer demographics. Type of Restaurant Determine whether you want to start a takeout or dine-in restaurant. As the market trends towards favoring western restaurants, wingstop business plan are many large cities in China that offer wingstop business plan opportunity to expand and franchise.

Three roles need to be accurately developed to ensure the success. Inventory Management Some of the materials that need to be purchased are the kitchen equipment such as deep fryers, and freezers and front-end restaurant equipment such as credit card machines, tables, baskets and plates. Breakfast Compliance Food Safety Security.