All of these machines are under the organization’s control or the control of a trusted provider , and the information in their headers can be trusted. Body tests are powerful but slow. SpamAssassin is distributed with over test rules defined for English-language spam. This is useful for querying a DNS-based whitelist to determine whether the server that first relayed the email to a trusted server appears on the whitelist. Use the spamtrap template to design the message that SpamAssassin sends back to senders who email a spam trap address that calls the spamassassin script with the –report and –warning-from options spam-reporting is discussed in Chapter 2. In this example, SpamAssassin will add 0. I’m gonna have to worry all about it tomorrow.

You can use the same approach to modify the descriptions of tests by adding new describe directives. A spam clearinghouse is a server that maintains a database of checksums of messages reported as spam and allows clients to test a message against the checksum database. The tests described in this chapter are all static tests—they don’t change over time as SpamAssassin analyzes messages. The default query is:. Please choose a color: Two basic kinds of tests are provided. In many organizations, email is received at an SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol gateway on the Internet, checked for viruses, and then relayed through a firewall to an internal SMTP gateway that is responsible for delivering mail to individual machines on the internal network.

Whitelists and Blacklists Without SpamAssassin If SpamAssassin is not run on a systemwide basis on all messages, users can also implement whitelists and blacklists by carefully organizing the filters they use to run SpamAssassin on their messages.

SpamAssassin uses DNS to do a reverse-lookup of the IP address of the last trusted writing custom spamassassin rules the reverse-lookup yields one or more hostnames associated with the IP address.

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This specifies that all hosts in the To get a spam report on a message that doesn’t score high enough for SpamAssassin to generate a report, you can use spamassassin –test-modeas described in Chapter writing custom spamassassin rules.

When the Bayesian classifier and writing custom spamassassin rules tests are not in use When the Bayesian classifier is not in use, but network tests are When the Bayesian classifier is in use, but network tests are not When the Bayesian classifier and network tests are both in use.

Here’s how you would whitelist boss mybigclient. The first mechanism is the simplest: The score directive determines how many points SpamAssassin will add to the spam score of a message if the test matches.

This test is shown in Example This test matches if the client connects from an IP address that reverse-resolves to an aol.

The spamassassin —report command can be used to report confirmed spam to these clearinghouses as well. Testing for a Subject header in all capital letters, by evaluating a SpamAssassin function:.

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Enuf american dream essay english steroids in sports research paper zip? This test takes two arguments: Sorry, your writing custom spamassassin rules cannot share posts by email. An indication of where to look. Users can use the score directive in per-user preference files to change the scoring of a test for an individual user. A score or scores for the test.

SpamAssassin whitelists reduce the spam scores of messages when the sender or recipient appears on the whitelist. A meta test is a test that combines the results of several other tests using Boolean logic.


Writing custom spamassassin rules may know ahead of time that you don’t want to receive mail from certain organizations or senders. It’s primarily useful when you’re querying a blacklist that’s composed of many different lists, and you later want to evaluate the query result by which sublists the addresses were on this topic is discussed later in this chapter.

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Tests can be applied to the message headers only, the message body only, uniform resource identifiers URIs writing custom spamassassin rules the message body, or the complete message. Writing custom spamassassin rules provides three levels of whitelisting for message recipients. SpamAssassin calls these combinations meta testsand they are discussed later in this section. Email from a given address may be welcomed by one user and shunned by another.

You can then assign a single score to the meta test.

Table summarizes the directives used to test different portions of a message. All of these machines are under the organization’s control or the control of a trusted providerand writing custom spamassassin rules information in their headers can be trusted. Some of the header tests in SpamAssassin 3. All headers are included, along with all textual MIME components of the message body, but no decoding is performed.

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The second mechanism is to configure spamd to look up per-user test scores and whitelists and blacklist entries in an SQL or LDAP database, as described earlier in this chapter.